Vacationing at the Gorgeous Beaches Resort in Jamaica

If you’re thinking of booking an upcoming stay at the Beaches Jamaica resort in Negril, keep reading for a broad review of the resort and its facilities.

Lots of Kids and Kid-Focused Activities

This is not a resort for honeymooning couples or adults looking for some rest and relaxation. Beaches Jamaica is very much targeted toward children, and a large portion of the resort is dedicated to children’s activities and distractions – making it perfect for family vacations.

For families with kids, the resort offers several daycare centers, numerous Sesame Street themed activities (characters walking around and live shows), water slides, day trips for teens, story time and even infant care. The major appeal is that they have a variety of activities targeted toward each age group – meaning your teen and toddler won’t wind up at the same activity center.

For parents, though, the resort can seem a little too kid-focused. There are adults-only areas and pools that are either designated for just families or just adults, but parents won’t have the run of this place. However, you can enjoy a little snooze at the beach knowing your children are well looked after and having a great time.

Fitness Center is High Tech

Probably one of the best features for adults at this resort is the fitness center. It’s stocked with state-of-the-art equipment and they run a number of fitness classes every day – ranging from low impact and introductory yoga to high-impact sessions like kickboxing.

Lots of Dining Options

Anyone who has spent a week at an all-inclusive resort knows that the same buffet night after night can get tiring after a while. To avoid food boredom, locating a resort with numerous a la carte restaurants is key. Jamaica Negril offers 6 restaurants ranging from a beachside cafe to fine and elegant dining.

Beach is Too Open

The beach in Jamaica is public, meaning a trip down to the sand and beautiful waters also leads to dealing with a lot of harassment from local vendors selling their wares. If you don’t want to put up with this, then you’ll have to be content sunbathing by the pool instead.

Rooms are Small

Unless you’re opting for a deluxe suite or large room, you’ll find the accommodations pretty small at Beaches Negril Jamaica. That said, if you’re sharing one room among a family of four, you may want to consider upgrading to a larger room.


Beaches Jamaica is a fantastic vacation option for a family. There are tons of options for the kids and a range of activities for a range of ages. The one major drawback? The room sizes don’t comfortably accommodate a family.