Vacation Condos In Orlando – Better Than Staying At A Hotel?

Orlando Money Savers – Vacation Rentals vs. Hotel

The area in and around Orlando is absolutely covered with hotels, resorts and vacation rentals of every shape, size and price range. While the options for places to stay in Orlando are limitless, it’s also easy to get swept up in planning a vacation and not do enough research. This can cost you hundreds of dollars per day and even thousands over the course of your vacation if you don’t know where to look for the truly great deals. One way to trim your trip budget is to forego a standard hotel or resort for one of the very affordable vacation condos in Orlando and its surrounding areas.

One hotel room at a resort or country club located around Orlando and Kissimmee, Florida will average about $150-$200 per night. This is for a double occupancy standard hotel room. More elaborate hotels can cost into the thousands, but the average you should expect to pay is in the $150 to $200 range, and up to $1400 for a week. For this price you might get a continental breakfast and use of the public pool. You may also get a lovely view of panoramic scenery or a balcony that overlooks the dumpsters. You often never know what you are going to get in a hotel, and anything extra will show up on your final bill.

Vacation Condo Rentals are Abundant and Affordable

Vacation condo rentals in Orlando and Kissimmee are abundant and much more affordable than you think. When comparing size, features, location and comfort, most condo rentals are much less expensive than even moderately priced hotels. You can also find them in areas that are less crowded by tourists, quieter neighborhoods and easier to navigate through. Staying on the property of a resort has its perks, but if you are looking for a quieter, more relaxing vacation, you should look into renting a condo.

Many companies specialize in condo rentals around the area of Walt Disney World and Universal Studios because they know that not everyone wants to cram a family into a tiny hotel room. Through these companies you can find a wide range of prices and sizes. For example, a standard vacation villa near Walt Disney World rents for about $600 per week. This particular unit has room to sleep five people for a daily rate of about $87.

A 4-Bedroom Condo with Private Pool for $140 Per Night

If your traveling party is rather large, there are condo rentals for you too. Large parties stand to benefit the most from condo rentals because they are splitting the nightly or weekly rates among more people. A four bedroom condo with use of a private pool exclusive to the condo occupants can rent for as little as $140 per night. Compare this to a standard hotel, which is about the same price for one hotel room. This condo sleeps up to ten people and has amazing features including a full kitchen, multiple televisions including DVD players, and some even have game systems in the unit. You can shop around all you like, but you won’t find a hotel that can beat these prices for what you are getting. Hotel owners beware: vacation condos in Orlando are taking over.