Tips For Finding Vacation Rentals on Craigslist

Are you looking for a good deal on a vacation rental? If so, you can and should turn to This online classified website may have just what you were looking for, but what tips should you keep in mind when doing your search?

Finding Vacation Rentals on Craigslist – Tip #1

Expand your search. Hotels, motels, vacation resorts, and vacation rentals are all more expensive the closer you get to a popular vacation destination or attraction. If you want to save money, it is best to look a few minutes or hours away. Try it on Craigslist. By opting to rent a car or drive your own an extra 35 minutes, you may save anywhere from $50 to $100 a night! If you want to search multiple areas on Craigslist near your vacation destination to find the cheapest rentals, you can download a Craigslist search program. These search programs allow you to search multiple locations and categories at once; saving you time.

Finding Vacation Rentals on Craigslist – Tip #2

Don’t rent a vacation rental you found listed on Craigslist without first seeing pictures. In fact, you want to see lots of pictures. Many travelers make the mistake of assuming all vacation rentals are beautiful and in tip-top shape, but they aren’t all. Honestly, someone can have an old trailer placed by a lake and call it a vacation rental. Your staying options while on vacation are very important; they can literally make or break your trip. Save yourself time, money, and a hassle and ask to see lots of pictures first. If a Craigslist vacation rental property owner only has one or two pictures posted, ask them to email you more.

Finding Vacation Rentals on Craigslist – Tip #3

Watch out for vacation rental scams. Everyday, it is seems as if frauds have sunken to a new low. Did you know that scammers use vacation rentals and unsuspecting tourists to make a living? They do. When hiding behind a computer, it is easy to claim you are a vacation rental owner while not being one. In fact, most scammers who use this method are living in another country. A few simple steps can help prevent you from falling victim to a Craigslist vacation rental scam. What should you do? As previously stated, ask to see lots of pictures, ask about the physical address of the vacation rental, view the property on an interactive map with satellite views, and check your credit card statement to ensure you aren’t charged until after your trip starts. It is common for you to be charged a security or holding deposit upfront, but (like traditional hotels) your card should not be charged until you actually stay.

As mentioned above, you can use a Craigslist search program to save money when searching for vacation rentals on Craigslist.