Timeshare and Vacation Ownership – Has Financing Changed the Industry?

When stress goes up, more people want and feel like they need to get away. Working might be tough and even necessary to pay the bills, but stress will kill you and stress is cumulative. It keeps piling up in your system until something gives out. If the economic climate has changed, the greatest changes we see in the timeshare industry is that companies that want to stay in the business of selling vacation ownership have had to figure out where they will obtain the financing necessary to help the consumers make their purchases.

We have also seen a change from longer more distant vacations to shorter vacations which can be enjoyed closer to home. If people have to sacrifice, they are adjusting a little on the longer expensive airline tickets but they definitely don’t want to stay at home and just watch the Travel Channel. Although, the Travel Channel is great. People want financing and the vacation industry wants them to have it.

If you look at many of the top vacation ownership developments companies in the world, they have adjusted their offerings to make sure that they have financing options available that will allow them to make purchasing attractive to their potential owners who tour their properties. In fact, we recently have heard that some companies are offering financing options which will help the buyers with money towards their initial deposits and give them time to pay for the deposits.

Based on the credit markets more and more companies are determining the credit worthiness of those purchasing with them and we’ve seen different financing possibilities based on credit ratings. The best credit worthy buyers are often able to get better financial terms than those whose scores don’t rate so high. The most important factor is that financing is still available in this industry to keep the money flowing and make the sales possible.

The marketplace for purchasing a vacation program has so many choices including where people want to purchase and how much of a commitment they want to make to be vacation owners instead of travel renters.

Many of the biggest companies offer guaranteed financing as a benefit to their guests who are on tour. It is more common now than ever before for companies to determine the credit worthiness of the vacation ownership or timeshare buyer and to offer more competitive financing rates to those with the best credit ratings.

There is light at the end of the tunnel and if you know that you don’t want to keep paying money to hotels for the rest of your life and you like the appeal of travelling in fully-appointed condos or villas, check-out a vacation ownership or timeshare program soon and you too might be going away.