Five Major Differences Between Resorts And Hotels!

There are only a handful of people around the world who know the differences between a hotel and a resort. Most of us live our life thinking that these two are similar places, wherein the travelers are provided with meals, bed and bathing facilities. However, if you get deeper into the two concepts, you realize that there are some major differences between the two. What are these differences – you ask. Following are the five major ones that you must know about to expand the land of your knowledge:

1) Relaxation – When it comes to the feature of relaxation, resorts are said to be better in the same. If you really want to experience a trip to rejuvenate yourself completely, visit a resort, rather than visiting a hotel. Resorts are really beautiful, if you wish to experience relaxation and pure heavenly pleasures!

2) Services – There are several differences between the services provided to you at the hotel and the services provided at the resort. If it is a five star hotel, you may receive a lot of ‘extra’ services in the same complex. Some of the resorts may not be able to provide you different cuisines because most of them have a single kitchen only. On the other hand, five star hotels have two kitchens and multiple cuisine facilities.

3) Location – Generally, resorts are located in the midst of nature and beautiful landscapes. But when it comes to the hotels, even if they are the five star ones, they can be located or situated on the main roads as well. You don’t need nature to build a lodge or a hotel.

4) Swimming pool – All the resorts have supposed to have swimming pools, compulsorily. But it is not necessary for the hotels to have pools. However, most of the five star locations do have their private pools to give add-on benefits to the visitors or travelers.

5) Reason of visit – Generally, people visit a beautiful resort in the middle of nature to enjoy their vacations and get into the recreation process. On the other hand, the reason to visit a hotel can be an official or business related one. It is not necessary that the people visit such accommodation providing places on vacations only.

Although both of these places provide the travelers with accommodation, the differences that are present can be felt by all the visitors. Even if you visit both of these, you would know the differences all by yourself.

Your Dream Caribbean Vacation

A vacation is one of those things that we all say we need to take, but rarely take the time to plan. How many times have you heard yourself say that you need a vacation? If you have a stressful job or a family that is a handful, odds are pretty good that you say this common phrase quite a bit. Well there couldn’t be a more perfect time than now to finally take the time to plan your dream Caribbean vacation.

The actual planning of your Caribbean vacation really isn’t that difficult. All you really have to do is decide when you would like to go, pick a resort to stay at and then purchase your airfare. It really couldn’t be simpler. Some people have trouble figuring out how to actually book all of these things, so they should seek the advice of a travel agent. If you do use a travel agent, planning your vacation is even easier since they do all of the research and planning for you. However your plan your Caribbean vacation, it will all be worth it.

One thing to consider is whether you will choose to stay at an all inclusive resort or not. For some this is a great idea since there is just one simple bill to pay and that is it. All of your food is included in the price. Some resorts also have your drinks included in the bill, but the alcohol is usually an additional cost.

The Caribbean is a beautiful place that has numerous white sandy beaches to choose from. No matter which island you choose to stay on, there will be plenty of sunshine, sand and gentle breezes to go around. If you are not the type to be stuck in one place for a week or two, there is always the option of a Caribbean cruise. This way you get to see several different islands all on the same trip. While on a cruise you can also check out the various islands you will visit so that you can pick out your favorite. When you know what your favorite island is, you can then fly out to that island for your next vacation and stay at a resort and know that you will love it ahead of time, instead of bouncing from island to island again.

Whether you decide to go for the cruise or the all inclusive Caribbean vacation, you will have a wonderful time. There is nothing better than relaxing on the beach with a fruity cocktail to pass the time away. While you are on your dream vacation, your thoughts of your work will be thousands of miles away.

Kids Holiday Destinations – Exciting, Adventurous and Thrilling Locations

Every year children wait eagerly for their summer vacations to start so that they can visit exciting and thrilling locations with their parents and friends. Some children love camping and adventurous trips while others prefer locations which have numerous amusement and water parks. If you are planning a weekend getaway for an extended vacation with your kids then it is very essential for you to involve your kids in your plans.

You must ask them about their views and ideas about your vacation destination. In this article, I would mainly like to tell you about some of the greatest holiday destinations where your kid can really have a blast.

1. Holiday in England
England is a very beautiful country which has various camping and trekking locations where your kid can really enjoy with the other children. You will find camps like Pontins, Center Parks and Butlins that provide the best facilities and services. The camping trips are very affordable and here they would also teach your kids about various new things and activities.

2. A trip to Scotland
Scotland is a really a fun filled country which has various exciting cities with hundreds of amusement and theme parks for your beloved child. Here you can indulge in various outdoor and natural activities that would really entertain you. The resorts located here are marvelous and they also have kids clubs and parks where children can interact with other kids of their own age.

3. United States of America
America has numerous cities and states which are perfect for your kids. Disney World is one of the most famous theme parks that have various fun filled rides, shows, water parks and activities for everyone. Florida, Orlando, California, New York are really ideal for your kids as here you can enjoy RV trips, camping, trekking, boating, swimming and picnics with them.

4. Vacations in Spain
Spain is a very sophisticated and classic country that has numerous monuments, museums, natural wonders and theme parks. The resorts are world class and they offer excellent services to your kids. Costa Blanca and Costa Del Sol are two exotic places where you can enjoy various water sports like surfing, kayaking and under water diving.

5. A weekend getaway to Greece
The pristine beaches, natural wonders, historical monuments, clear crystal lakes, calm sea and various exotic islands can really make a dream vacation for your child. Greek resorts and vacation homes welcome all the kinds with great enthusiasm and they also provide them top class facilities and services.

If you really want to make your kids happy then you must take them to anyone of the holiday destinations that are mentioned above.