How Timeshares and Vacation Ownership Help Singles Set Their Standards- The Dating Difference

Imagine you’re single and you’re looking to get out of the house. Imagine you get a call inviting you out on Friday night for a first date and the offer is ” hey babe, let’s get together at 8P.M. we’ll grab a fast-food burger, some fries, and a beverage. Then,I’ll take you over to my cheap motel for after-dinner entertainment. ” Would you go on the date or hang up the phone?

Singles are setting their vacation standards with vacation ownership and timeshare purchases. The date or experience is so much different in a luxury condo, fully appointed with complete kitchens, dining area, decorated living room space, and private bedrooms, or several bedrooms. It’s not unusual to have washer/dryer or outdoor balconies with table and chairs overlooking wonderful recreational facilities such as pools, jacuzzi hot tubs, tennis courts, recreation centers, and sometimes incredible views of beaches, mountains, water, or just something beautiful.

You’d probably say “Yes” to a penthouse date with a fine steak, your favorite adult beverage, and absolute luxury. Mom always said that we can choose our friends and choose where we want to place ourselves. Singles are flocking to timeshare and vacation ownership in record numbers. It was not uncommon for companies to frown on touring singles at their resorts believing that they were less likely to make the purchase. Now, many companies are not only accepting these guests in addition to couples, they’re welcoming them and their vacation dollars.

Another trend is the consumer demand for flexibility. There are so many schedules and life demands that the opportunities to travel one-two-or three days at a time instead of the one-week at a time vacations are very popular.

Singles also like the affordability of timeshare and vacation ownership programs and use these ownerships as a great way to get together with family and friends more often,and in style.