Global Resort Network (GRN) – Business Opportunity Review

Global Resorts Network (GRN) is a premier luxury resort and vacation membership company that also has a network marketing business opportunity. GRN has been in business for over 20 years and offers discounts to exclusive luxury resorts, condos and exotic destinations. Here is a simple review of GNR and the business opportunity.

GRN has two ways to become a member and save thousands on vacations. The platinum membership is $2995 and is a lifetime membership that gives you the opportunity to take unlimited vacations every year at any of there offered resort destinations. The gold membership is a 3 year membership that costs $1495 and gives you 3 weeks of discounted vacations each year to the same offered destinations.

Global Resort Network’s compensation plan is a one up plan. For Gold members you receive $500 for every personal sale and then you receive the same $500 on all sales of those that you bring into your down line make. If you are a platinum member the plan is the same except you make $1000 on all sales instead of $500. As with any business opportunity make sure you understand the compensation plan and how it works.

GRN is a legitimate network marketing business opportunity and because of the fairly high entry price will attract the more affluent which can be a bonus. In order to attract others to the opportunity you will need to have some online marketing skills and be able to drive traffic to you and your opportunity. These skills are essential to your success, and if you do not have them they can be learned fairly quickly with a good coach or mentor. Be sure to talk with someone who is all ready successful with the opportunity and get all your questions answered before you join, and be sure you will have help in setting up your business and they will be there to help you master the techniques of driving traffic and converting sales.