Bali Villas, Resorts, and Other Types of Accommodations

Taking time to explain the kinds of hotels and villas in Bali would take forever; there are so many different types of Bali accommodation to suite everybody. During the last few decades, Bali has become a very preferred traveler destination, not only thanks to the beaches and leisure activities available but because of the Balinese people themselves. They are definitely the most accommodating hosts to be found anywhere in the world.

With the development of the tourist industry over the last twenty or thirty years there are certain areas that have become the heart of holiday maker activity. These places have become extraordinarily crowded especially in the peak vacation season, from Apr to September. Although the island is fairly small there is so much undiscovered country that you are now finding more Bali hotels springing up in more secluded areas, not only in the interior} of the island, but surrounding it. All around Bali are little islands that are being developed to give travelers the possibility of being able to stay all alone piece of paradise for the length of their vacation.

Staying on one of these isolated islands is excellent for honeymooners or tourists who just want to enjoy a family holiday without the hustle and bustle of the bars, clubs and other nightlife that is pretty much a part of the preferred holiday maker areas. To get to mainland Bali from most of these islands is only a short ferry trip.

The southern part of Bali is just about full of tourist resorts and as such the Balinese government has begun to develop the northwards part that will give easier access to the more mountainous areas of central Bali. Apart from the new hotels that are being built, construction is under way on a new airport.

Everyone is calling it the New Bali International Airport, but its official name is the Jembrana City International Airport. The completion date is going to be in 2012 and this airport will replace Ngurah Rai International as the new international arrival and exit point. This has become necessary as the area surrounding Ngurah Rai is fully developed and with the rise in the tourism industry Ngurah Rai will not be able to deal with the quantity of air traffic in the future and there is no extra space for enlargement in the area.

The present hotels and resorts will shortly only be a small part of all of the available places to stay. It appears as though Bali is ready to become a preferred visitor destination for generations to come. There’s no wonder that the tourist industry is growing at such a fast pace in Bali, the leisure facilities are out of this world. Bali packages for vacations, weddings, adventure are so varied that it would most likely take a lifetime to explore them all. Although there’s so much development going on, the Balinese state goes to great lengths to make sure that the beauty and fairy story atmosphere is protected ; after all it is for the natural beauty that the general public come to Bali for.