4 Great Things to Try Out If You Are on an Island Vacation

Booking the ticket with a trip planner and packing the bags are perhaps the most boring parts of embarking on a vacation. The interesting things begin, once you get down from the plane and shake yourself free from the grips of your travel agent. And if it is on an island that you happen to get down for the holidays… well, the fun is galore. Unlike other holiday spots, they have much to offer the wandering traveler. From beachside cocktails to bon fire parties, the possibilities are endless. Let us see four awesome things which you must not miss on your next holiday trip to one of those exotic islands.


Whether you are another Indiana Johns in miniature or the lazy guy who loves to snore throughout the day, the thrill of adventure is something which should not be missed, when you are on an island holiday. For starters, perhaps you could try things like a small jungle safari (with a native guide) or a bit of boat racing. And when you feel that you are ready to take it, try adrenalin rising acts like paragliding, surfing, sky diving, water skiing, jet skiing etc.

Boozing and nightlife

Now, that’s part and parcel of every vacation. Most of the exotic islands around the world are dotted throughout with pubs and bars offering cocktails of every kind. The nightlife in such vacation spots are beyond the ordinary. You could try dining at multi cuisine restaurants or even book tickets for a local play. But gulping down few cocktails and dancing to the rhythm of heart thumping music in a disco… that’s perhaps the best thing about holidaying.

The beach

Book a beach side resort and spend the evenings lazily on the white sands, sipping your favorite drink. Enjoy the cool breeze as it ruffles through your hair until the sun sets. And yes, by around 6 in the evening, you will come face to face with the most beautiful sight you have ever seen in your life… the sun dipping gracefully behind the ocean. Besides lazing around, you could also do a number of other things on the beach… like playing volleyball or building sand castles for instance. But whatever you do, the beach experience is something you must not miss.

Ethnic stuff

Every holiday spot has it’s own story to tell. And it would be a shame to return home without learning and experiencing the culture and traditions of the place, where you have spend some valuable time. So, go for as many local events as possible and relish everything about the ethnic culture. Interact with the locals, spend as much time as possible with them, try out local cuisines and huddle around a campfire listening to local stories and legends. As they say, “When you are in Las Vegas, it’s the casinos and when you are in China, it’s time for Kung Fu”.

Well, those were 4 things which should not be missed while on a vacation. But there is yet another important thing to remember before planning the trip. Book the best quality holiday accommodation with the help of qualified and experienced vacation planners and holiday accommodation agencies. Whether it’s St. Maarten Island, Hawaii Islands or Maldives; go for the best quality beach side resorts and vacation rentals, replete with all facilities.