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Holiday Rentals in Cyprus – Villas, Apartments and Vacation Homes to Let

Cyprus is a small island situated in the Mediterranean Sea, to the South of Turkey and the North of Egypt. It’s all year round warm climate makes it an ideal place to take a vacation, and the best way to do this is to stay in a holiday home.

At the Western end of the island is Paphos. Paphos is a highly touristic area that combines holidaymaker fun with local charm. There are many areas to find and stay in a holiday rentals home, and these include Polis, Coral Bay and Kato Paphos. From all of these beautiful spots you can easily see all of what Paphos has to offer, including reptile parks, water parks, a fantastic harbour and of course miles and miles of glorious sandy beaches. Holiday Villas with swimming pools and vacation rental apartments are a plenty and you will have no problems in finding your ideal accommodation using Rent In The Sun accommodation search.

Travelling along the coast brings you into Limassol District and its magnificent tourist areas. Limassol is a vibrant bustling city, with all sorts of accommodation to rent. Finding vacation villas to rent here and holiday apartments to rent is a breeze. Cypriots tend to have had property passed down through the family and see rentals as an ideal way to make money and provide a great service. 

Pissouri and Parekklisia are serene and tranquil parts of Limassol and a vacation letting here will give you time to unwind. If you’re looking for a little more buzz in your holiday then staying in holiday apartments in Limassol town will be ideal for you. The plethora of shops, restaurants, nightclubs and bars will appeal to people young and old in the evenings, and the day can be spent chilling on the beach or by the pool. 

Larnaca is the next district along the coast and this was once the main shipping port of the island. Larnaca’s English community has grown over recent years, and the villages of Pyla and Oroklini have a high British expatriate contingent. This means you will be highly likely to find holiday villas to let from English speaking people. Most holiday villas to let have private pools, and almost all vacation apartments here have a pool that can be shared with other holiday makers.   Larnaca’s Finikoudes or promenade is great in the evening. Shops, cafes, bars and ice cream parlours are a plenty and there will be no shortage of activities to keep you amused, before resting your head in your own private rented holiday villa. 

Finally the most Eastern part on non-occupied Cyprus is Famagusta district. This district contains the shopping town of Paralimni and the resort towns of Protaras and the clubbers haven of Ayia Napa. Famagusta is regarded to have the best beaches in all of Cyprus, and this certainly seems to be the case when you’ve visited Fig Tree Bay in Protaras or Konnos Bay in Ayia Napa.

There are many Cyprus Vacation Rentals properties and Cyprus Holiday homes from Rent In The sun and I’m sure that after you’ve browsed the accommodation, you’ll find the perfect place to stay to enjoy a fantastic Cyprus holiday.

Caribbean Vacation Fun!

So you’re planning a Caribbean vacation and you are wondering about what you want to see and do in this paradise on earth? Laying on the beach and soaking up the sun? Watching a spectacular island sunset? Or just snoozing away in a hammock beneath the palm trees? If this sounds to you like wasting your vacation time, and you want something more active, then fear not! The Caribbean offers a lot more than just sunbathing and picturesque sunsets. There are plenty of active and adventurous endeavors which will excite every thrill-seeker, from golf and tennis to water sports and underwater exploration. Eco-oriented visitors who love nature can enjoy the great outdoors. It’s up to you to decide which activities interest you the most, since the Caribbean has something for everybody.

Lots of Caribbean resorts and hotels have specially-designed packages for golf and tennis players. The major resorts have on-location tennis courts available for their guests, and by reservation for people who aren’t staying at the hotel. Often hotels and resorts with tennis courts offer tennis instruction, so even beginners can enjoy great tennis action. If you prefer spending your daytime hours in or on the surf or soaking up the sun, most hotels have lighted courts for nighttime play. Golf is also a popular reason why people vacation in the Caribbean: The year ’round tropical Caribbean weather is perfect for enjoying a laid-back game, or engaging in sharp competition. Many of the region’s golf courses are situated in breathtakingly beautiful settings beneath majestic mountains and surrounded by tropical greenery. There are great golfing experiences throughout the Caribbean, but particularly on the large islands. Most courses are available for visitors, and they offer rental equipment as well as golf lessons. Golfers will find courses which were designed by world-renowned course designers and players, with some of the best courses in Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, and the Dominican Republic.

The azure waters of the Caribbean provide the backdrop to a wide variety of water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, waterskiing, and fishing. Beneath the calm waters lies a wondrous world of exotic and colorful ocean wildlife, including coral and brilliant fish. Caribbean vacations offer some of the best dive destinations in the world, and are home to hotels and resorts which specialize in diving and offer special packages for divers. You can rent equipment and take scuba lessons and certification. Or, you can try out snuba diving, which is a cross between snorkeling and diving. The many coral reefs, volcanic vents, and old shipwrecks are fascinating places to explore, and make for an unforgettable experience for adventurers of all ages. Fishing is another popular Caribbean activity since there are countless numbers of fish species living beneath the surface of the crystalline blue waters. Windsurfing is also a very popular water sport in the region and many resorts and hotels offer lessons for beginners. Also water rafting, kayaking, and parasailing draw fun seekers to the salty Caribbean waves.

Vacation accommodations: vacation rentals vs. resorts

Choosing your accommodations is a big part of planning a vacation. There are many types of places to stay. Two of the most popular are traditional resorts and vacation rentals which are growing in popularity. Resorts are large, usually company owned hotels. Vacation rentals are usually individually owned and can be houses, apartments or condos. The difference between the two are distinct, but they do have some similarities. When choosing which is best for you it might be easier to compare the two.

Vacation resorts take you from a crowd to an individual place. You are renting a home, basically. You do not have to worry about noisy neighbors or being interrupted by service workers. You have the freedom and ability to cook for yourself and even have a little private party of you wish. Vacation rentals can be very affordable. When you consider having to rent a couple rooms for your family verses only one rental house you can see why you can save money. They also do not have the staff expenses. Although, some vacation rentals do offer outside services that may add a little extra to your bill, but allow you to keep aspects of a hotel. For example, they might provide you with a chef to cook your evening meals or a maid to tidy up for you. Vacation rentals also tend to have more space than you would get in a traditional hotel room. You have greater privacy also. Vacation rentals can be found almost anywhere you want to vacation and prices come to fit in all budgets.

Resorts are the idea of luxury while vacationing. You have someone to take care of everything you hate to do at home, from cleaning to cooking. You can get a range of services for a range of prices with resorts. If you are looking for a vacation package you can usually get the resort included. This allows you to know exactly how much you will spend and have everything taken care of in one attempt. Resorts offer many extra services besides basic housekeeping and cooking. Some resorts have dance instructors and nannies on staff, to give two examples. You can spend the day busy with resort sponsored activities or just lounge around relaxing. You get top of the line service and never ending fun when staying at a resort.

Vacation rentals and resorts offer two different kinds of vacation experiences. Choosing between them is a matter of your personal preference. You need to decide how you want to spend your vacation. If you want privacy and the comforts of home then choose a vacation rental. If you want to be pampered and enjoy lots of activities then choose a resort. The type of vacation you have could really be influenced by where you stay, so be sure to explore each option before deciding.