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Vacationing at the Gorgeous Beaches Resort in Jamaica

If you’re thinking of booking an upcoming stay at the Beaches Jamaica resort in Negril, keep reading for a broad review of the resort and its facilities.

Lots of Kids and Kid-Focused Activities

This is not a resort for honeymooning couples or adults looking for some rest and relaxation. Beaches Jamaica is very much targeted toward children, and a large portion of the resort is dedicated to children’s activities and distractions – making it perfect for family vacations.

For families with kids, the resort offers several daycare centers, numerous Sesame Street themed activities (characters walking around and live shows), water slides, day trips for teens, story time and even infant care. The major appeal is that they have a variety of activities targeted toward each age group – meaning your teen and toddler won’t wind up at the same activity center.

For parents, though, the resort can seem a little too kid-focused. There are adults-only areas and pools that are either designated for just families or just adults, but parents won’t have the run of this place. However, you can enjoy a little snooze at the beach knowing your children are well looked after and having a great time.

Fitness Center is High Tech

Probably one of the best features for adults at this resort is the fitness center. It’s stocked with state-of-the-art equipment and they run a number of fitness classes every day – ranging from low impact and introductory yoga to high-impact sessions like kickboxing.

Lots of Dining Options

Anyone who has spent a week at an all-inclusive resort knows that the same buffet night after night can get tiring after a while. To avoid food boredom, locating a resort with numerous a la carte restaurants is key. Jamaica Negril offers 6 restaurants ranging from a beachside cafe to fine and elegant dining.

Beach is Too Open

The beach in Jamaica is public, meaning a trip down to the sand and beautiful waters also leads to dealing with a lot of harassment from local vendors selling their wares. If you don’t want to put up with this, then you’ll have to be content sunbathing by the pool instead.

Rooms are Small

Unless you’re opting for a deluxe suite or large room, you’ll find the accommodations pretty small at Beaches Negril Jamaica. That said, if you’re sharing one room among a family of four, you may want to consider upgrading to a larger room.


Beaches Jamaica is a fantastic vacation option for a family. There are tons of options for the kids and a range of activities for a range of ages. The one major drawback? The room sizes don’t comfortably accommodate a family.

Staying At Luxury Resorts For A Perfect Beach Holiday

Beach holidays would never have been so much fun and exciting had there been no luxury beach resorts. After spending a day shopping and sightseeing, one would obviously want to relax and take pleasure in staying at a resort that surprises them beyond satisfaction. This can only be possible when vacationers stay at a luxury resort. Tourists can find countless resorts while they are vacationing at a beach destination. There is abundance of luxury beach resorts that can be compared with 5 star hotels; however, there are only few brand names that operate resort chains all over the world and cater to the needs of the guests to ensure their satisfaction.

When going for a beach holiday all that comes to mind is pristine sand beaches, picturesque scenery, sapphire sea waters, and chirping of seagulls. There are numerous beach resorts located in the secluded islands as well. It is no surprise that tourists would definitely come across a luxury beach resort nestled in the warm cobalt waters, where they can have a memorable holidaying experience. Never will they enjoy such grandeur and royalty anywhere else, such magnificence in the interiors and spacious lawns, rooms, amenities and facilities, and most importantly hospitality, a blend of traditional royalty with contemporary etiquette. Individuals can get enough information about these beach resorts online. Those, who are planning for a vacation; they can make bookings at these luxury beach resorts.

When it comes to luxury resorts, there are several brands, each promising to offer the best services. It is better to explore beforehand what all these luxury resorts have to offer, including room tariffs, facilities offered, level of service, and hospitality. It is true that not all of these luxury resorts would offer golf courts or private concierge services, and more exclusive facilities. The beach resorts, which offer such facilities, would also guarantee the best and lowest rates, when bookings are done online for similar type of accommodations.

Individuals will find that there is no dearth of information they can find online, as they can easily search for one of the finest luxury resorts and spas, which suit both, their preferences and budget. Well, it is to be noted that it will be worth to stay at a luxury resort near the seashore, to enjoy full pleasure of a beach vacation. The entire milieu of the scenic views will surely fill their heart and soul with pleasure. Thus, it would be best to make the search right away for the perfect luxury travel options and book the best accommodation at a luxury beach resort.

Vacation Ideas and Vacation Swapping

In the late 1960′s, the concept called timesharing gained popularity with holiday lovers around the world. The various resorts would offer flexible modes of ownership and stay. In timesharing, people are given the chance to change the duration of their ownership and are able to select a suitable time. Some resorts allow people to swap properties with others within the same hotel group, or with resorts belonging to other groups. Somewhat similar on the lines of this is a novel concept called vacation swapping. This comes in the newest and latest list of cheap travel and vacation.

It works like this- a family wants to tour your place or the town nearby and want a place to stay. Similarly you want to have a tour of the place where these people live. It is simple; your family will use their house where you want to go. Let it be a far-off town or even a different country, and the other family will come to stay in your house. They will be staying at your house and will be sharing your property for a brief period of time. In this arrangement, you need to take some precautions and you will do well to have all your valuables and other important personal assets to be placed safely elsewhere. It is assumed that they would surely exercise caution not to intentionally damage anything in your house; and conversely also. But mistakes can occur, so come to an agreement regarding this matter prior to you leaving for the trip.

Then decide on the different aspects like who would pay for the utilities and provisions while making the stay. The usual practice is to buy one’s own food and make use of the utensils in the house in this regard. When one leaves, the house will be left without any need for further cleaning. You may also allow the opposite party to use your vehicle. This is an additional saving on the money one needs to pay as vehicle rental while going out to different places of interest. But both the parties pay for their fuel and will return the vehicle in good condition after use. This way, both families will get to enjoy a free vacation stay and will have transportation facility availed of for free. If you have got entry passes to local events and happenings, those may be gifted for use by your counterparts, and the bonding between the two parties will get strong. This again will add more value to your cheap travel vacation plan.

The responses you receive for your offer will depend on the place you want to visit and the other parties’ requirements and lifestyle. If one happens to live in a holiday spot or in a famous tourist place, it would be a very easy job for you. Otherwise, you will have to put in some effort to find the suitable party. It would be a revelation for you that some of the local activities that do not appeal to you is what some one else is looking for to explore.