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Vacation Resorts In Orlando – So Many Choices, So Little Time

So Many Resorts, So Little Time!

Between Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, amazing golf courses and beautiful weather, there is no shortage of vacation resorts in Orlando, Florida. Your biggest problem will be choosing one from the many options available. Don’t get swept up in the sheer numbers so much that you aren’t able to distinguish a good deal from a scam. Quality affordable resorts are out there in Orlando if you know where to look.

Advantages of Staying at Walt Disney World Resorts

It’s hard to discuss Orlando vacation resorts without at least touching on Walt Disney World. Technically, it is in Kissimmee, not in Orlando, but the two are so close together they often get grouped into one. Of course, there are many other great sights to see there, but the majority of travelers flocking to Orlando each year do so to visit the “Happiest Place on Earth”. Of those travelers, most will stay on the WDW property for a number of reasons. Staying at a Disney Resort has several benefits, including transportation between your hotel and all of the Disney theme parks. It may be worth the additional money to avoid the hassle of driving yourself anywhere for an entire week.

Disney resorts are all over the property, which covers miles of land in the Orlando area. Sports fans can stay at the All Star Sports Resort, and outdoor adventurers will enjoy the Wilderness Lodge. The Port Orleans French Quarter and Riverside resorts give a taste of southern hospitality and old world New Orleans living. Southern mansions line the Riverside resort and provide a picturesque site. The Boardwalk Inn, Grand Floridian and the Polynesian are among the most luxurious resorts in the Disney World family.

Universal Studios in Orlando Florida may not have quite the empire that Disney does, but there are still several hotels and resorts in the area that cater to guests of Universal. The Hard Rock Hotel and Resort gives you the rock star treatment with luxurious hotel rooms and a palm-lined swimming pool with music rocking through every square inch. The Royal Pacific Hotel and Resort is truly a tropical paradise. The South Seas atmosphere and hospitality can make you think you took a wrong turn on your way to Florida.

Sampling the Luxurious Orlando World Center Marriot

Some of the very best resorts in Orlando are not affiliated with any major theme parks, but are just attractive in their own ways. The Orlando World Center Marriot is centrally located within minutes of Sea World, Disney World and Universal Studios. It boasts over two thousand luxurious guest rooms, each with available internet, cable, video games and other amenities. Golf fans can enjoy a championship golf course, while others may decide to check out the pool and sand volleyball courts. This is one of the most luxurious resorts in Orlando and can be a little more expensive than most, but you get what you pay for.

Between the Walt Disney World’s numerous theme parks and attractions, Universal Studios, Sea World and the fantastic night life in downtown Orlando, it will be hard to make yourself go home. The resorts will pamper you with service and so much special treatment, you may think they’ve mistaken you for a VIP. Vacation resorts in Orlando are a billion dollar industry, and you don’t make it to that status without providing variety and quality accommodations for every guest that comes to visit.

Family Beach Vacation: Tips for Travel With Kids

Summer is the perfect time to take the kids to the beach for a vacation. If you are looking for a family-oriented beach resort, there are plenty to choose from in most coastal U.S. and Canadian towns, and with a little planning you can find one to suit your family and your budget.

Obviously you will be looking for a beach resort that is kid-friendly, and possibly even pet-friendly. While most of this information is available online, you may also wish to call your choice of hotel or motel directly to be sure, and also to find out if there are any catches (maximum four people to a room, for instance) or extra fees (some poplar areas such as Miami and San Diego charge resort fees, parking fees, etc.).

Ideally, you’ll find a great beach resort that caters to kids and may even offer planned activities and programs. If you’re going somewhere a little more exotic such as Bahamas or the Caribbean, you’ll find many all-inclusive resorts that are wonderful for kids, such as the Beaches resort family.

To make the most of your beach family resort vacation, here are some tips. Look for resorts that include a lot of extras in the price, such as:

  • A premium location directly on the beach, or complimentary shuttle to a nearby safe and clean beach
  • Activities geared towards your kids’ age/s. Sports, kids’ clubs, lessons and other fun activities are available at better family beach resorts.
  • Extras such as beach towels, beach and water toys, umbrellas and lounge chairs, etc.. At adults-only hotels these are often at a premium, but for travel with kids you’ll want to have as many amenities as possible included in your price, or things will quickly get expensive.
  • Multiple pool areas and possibly special water features like lazy rivers and waterslides
  • Food – many resorts include breakfast or even discounts toward food. It doesn’t hurt to ask for these at check-in even if it’s not listed as included.
  • Babysitting, especially for evenings, if the adults may wish to have a little grown-up time. Some resorts offer daycare or nannies, or can suggest options.
  • Restaurants and/or venues that cater to kids’ tastes, with basics like hotdogs, mac’n'cheese and ice cream. You may also want to sour a local grocery store to pick up healthier items such as fruits and vegetables and drinks cheaply. Look at sites like Tripadvisor for consumer reviews.
  • Suites or room styles made for families, with plenty of space, sleeping room and possibly adjoining doors. Some offer extra cots or pull-out couches to accommodate more kids.
  • Investigate the safety precautions (lifeguard on duty? first aid nearby?) and layout of the resort (are there lots of jagged steps and rocks or is it flat and easy to navigate?). Some destinations are just naturally far more kid-friendly than others.

One further note on the type of beach; different types of beaches may be more suitable for different age groups, eg. teens might love large waves and slightly rougher water for learning to surf, sail or windsurf. Small children and toddlers may require calmer waters. Have a great time on your family beach vacation, and remember to wear sunscreen!

Global Resort Network (GRN) – Business Opportunity Review

Global Resorts Network (GRN) is a premier luxury resort and vacation membership company that also has a network marketing business opportunity. GRN has been in business for over 20 years and offers discounts to exclusive luxury resorts, condos and exotic destinations. Here is a simple review of GNR and the business opportunity.

GRN has two ways to become a member and save thousands on vacations. The platinum membership is $2995 and is a lifetime membership that gives you the opportunity to take unlimited vacations every year at any of there offered resort destinations. The gold membership is a 3 year membership that costs $1495 and gives you 3 weeks of discounted vacations each year to the same offered destinations.

Global Resort Network’s compensation plan is a one up plan. For Gold members you receive $500 for every personal sale and then you receive the same $500 on all sales of those that you bring into your down line make. If you are a platinum member the plan is the same except you make $1000 on all sales instead of $500. As with any business opportunity make sure you understand the compensation plan and how it works.

GRN is a legitimate network marketing business opportunity and because of the fairly high entry price will attract the more affluent which can be a bonus. In order to attract others to the opportunity you will need to have some online marketing skills and be able to drive traffic to you and your opportunity. These skills are essential to your success, and if you do not have them they can be learned fairly quickly with a good coach or mentor. Be sure to talk with someone who is all ready successful with the opportunity and get all your questions answered before you join, and be sure you will have help in setting up your business and they will be there to help you master the techniques of driving traffic and converting sales.