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Vacation Rental For The Family

Opting for vacation rentals is one of the best ways to keep a handle on your family vacation. Vacation rentals, rental cottages or cabins can be a great way to stretch your vacation budget too!

Not only will a week’s vacation rental generally cost you less than the same time’s stay in a local hotel, you’ll save even more on meals because you have access to a kitchen.

Most major resort and vacation areas have dozens or even hundreds of short-term vacation rentals that are available throughout the tourist season, and sometimes year round. Choosing the right family vacation rental is a matter of figuring out what your family wants and finding a rental cottage or cabin that fits the bill. There are some particulars you should consider when looking for last minute vacation rentals.


Where your vacation rental is will be nearly as important as what it is. Look for a rental cottage that’s close to major attractions, especially the ones that are important to you. Some vacation destinations will offer far more flexibility in this than others. If you’ve chosen a week on Cape Cod, for instance, and your main interest is lazing on the beach for hours, you can find suitable cottages in Wellfleet, Truro, Onset, Dennis, Brewster, Orleans or any one of a dozen other little towns with long stretches of beach and ocean.

If, on the other hand, you’re planning a family getaway with a particular destination in mind, you’ll want to be sure that everything you want to see is conveniently located. If you decide on a Disney vacation, for instance, you’ll find plenty of vacation rentals right in Orlando.

You’ll want to check a map to see just how far they are from the parks you want to visit so that you don’t waste precious vacation time stuck in traffic.


Make sure there’s room for everyone in your vacation rental. While it’s not necessary – or even economical – to find a vacation rental with a private bedroom for each member of your family, you do want to be sure that there’s enough room for everyone to be comfortable. Most vacation rental cottages and homes are designed to sleep multiple people per room. Make sure that you know not only how many rooms, but how many beds are available.

Shop carefully and you can find bargains like a three bedroom vacation rental in Big Sur, a few blocks from the beach, for as little as $40 per night. One caution, though. Be sure to check the fine print for what’s included in the rental price. Cleaning and per person fees can quickly add up and spiral that bargain basement price out the roof.

On a longer vacation trip, you’ll want to be sure that certain amenities are included. Your budget will thank you if laundry and kitchen facilities are included in the rental home you choose. The money that you save on restaurant meals and laundromats could easily add up to the admission fee to a nearby water park or a day of shopping in town.

Useful Tips in Finding Cheap Hotel and Vacation Packages in the Bahamas

The Bahamas is a country of English speakers. It is situated in the southeast portion of the United States. It is also north of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It is contained in numerous islands over a thousand cays.

With the attractive beaches of the island and refreshing warm climate, the country is a well-loved tourist destination. The Bahamas offers more than sun, white sandy beaches and fantastic weather, but also world-famous duty-free shopping.

Several professional travel agents and tour operators help out in planning a Bahamas vacation. They offer honeymoon and wedding packages also. Most packages already include the airfare, hotel accommodations and daily breakfast. They can be availed in almost all Bahamas hotels.

There are many cheap hotels to choose from in Bahamas. Know your destination before deciding on a hotel. Plan your activities ahead and estimate the costs. Be sure to have extra budget for unexpected miscellaneous.

Spend a little more for a moderate room. The prices for these three-star accommodations range approximately from 120 up to 180 US dollars per night. For those who are going to the Bahamas for a honeymoon or wedding, there are romantic accommodations offered. Bahamas is famous for couples after all.

Book early, especially if you plan to go to the Bahamas during the Caribbean Muzik Fest or you want to attend the Junkaroo Festival.

Nassau is especially renowned for its all-inclusive resorts. They offer no less than the with Old World attraction. You can go to Paradise Island for their glamorous resorts, having luxurious amenities and facilities. Although this area is not cheap, last minute deals are proven to be more affordable.

Listed below are some Bahamas Vacation Packages

o Bahamas Girlfriend’s Getaway Package – This is best for couples and friends. You can gather together with your girlfriends and enjoy a shopping excursion, a one-hour massage therapy and other luxurious accommodations. This package also includes elegant accommodations for either a two-bedroom suite or a Junior Suite. Take advantage of a one-hour massage, a shopping excursion, round trip airport transfers, daily breakfast and even welcome cocktails.

o Bahamas Fishing in Paradise Package – You can escape to paradise at the Old Bahama Bay, the region known for its boating, snorkeling, diving and fishing activities. Combining Bahamian luxury and charm, the Old Bahama Bay features 75 spacious beachfront suites, casual and fine dining restaurants as well as oceanfront heated pools.

Grab your partner and enjoy paradise-like facilities with this extraordinary inviting package. It also includes free daily breakfast and dinner, a welcome drink, luxurious accommodations in their junior suite and daily fishing excursions.

o Bahamas Bed and Breakfast Package – You can enjoy a luxurious accommodation in an exquisite suite in the Bahamas with this package. There’s complimentary breakfast every morning.

Bed and Breakfast is designed for families and couples who are interested in spending time together in a relaxed atmosphere. This bed and breakfast package also showcases free daily breakfast, a welcome drink, round trip airport transportation and luxurious accommodations in their two-bedroom suites.

Cancun Hotels: Great Parnassus Resort and Spa

To get the most from your Cancun experience you’re going to expect only the best. It’s no surprise then, why the 5 star Great Parnassus Resort & Spa, comes out on top. With its modern and elegant design, as soon as your eyes fall upon the elegant building you’ll feel as though your vacation could get no better… and then you spend a week there!

As soon as you walk into the Great Parnassus you’ll be left in awe as you gaze upon the magnificent hues of gold and green laden with a touch of luxurious elegance, you’ll find yourself unable to resist the euphoria as it enters your body.

Having everything from a jewellery shop to a steam room the Great Parnassus will get the most oooh’s and aaah’s out of you then you could’ve ever thought possible. With an excellent assortment of rooms to choose from, suiting people from all kinds of life; whether you’re single and looking to ‘let-loose’, a couple getting away for a much needed break from life, or parents planning a trip for the whole family, you’ll find exactly what you need. For the family, you may want to choose the Family Room Ocean View room, which has 1 King Sized bed and a triple bunk bed separated by a finely decorated wall, so the kids will feel as though they’re on their very own vacation too. The Lagoon & Ocean Suite and the Club Room Ocean View room’s are awesome choices providing you with calming colors and a modern yet contemporary interior design, and with the Ocean Suite coming equipped with 1 King sized bed or two double beds looking directly through large sliding glass windows onto the gorgeous Caribbean Sea – one of the hardest things for you, might be getting out of bed.

With miles of white sandy beaches that twinkle under the sun’s rays, you’ll find yourself at ease as you walk along the beach, or enjoy the Samoa Beach Bar where you can order delicious snacks and a satisfying assortment of refreshing cocktails or many non-alcoholic drinks of your choice.

Brought the kids along to enjoy the Great Parnassus Cancun? Take them through the crimson castle at their very extensive water park and very own family’s pool, then let them kick their feet up to and relax in the Kids Club, a giant room with integrated trees looking just like a forest from some childrens fairy story book, the kids will never want to leave.

While the kids are busy, you’ll love the adult’s only pool with Bora Bora near at hand you can enjoy an assortment of snacks and drinks right at the poolside. Or take advantage of the free time and relax in the exceptionally large Jacuzzi with the most beautiful Caribbean background you could ask for. Last, but not least (for there are not enough words to describe the magnificence of Great Parnassus Resort & Spa), is non other then the spa itself. You’ll be transported into a land of luxury as you indulge in a taste of the Roman’s with the golden lighting, the elegant steaming jetted tub, and a relaxing massage right on the side.

As the night progresses you’ll undoubtedly land yourself in one of their amazing restaurants and bars they have to offer, unfortunately the Great-ness of Parnassus gives us too many to mention, so we’ll talk about just a few of their 10 locations for a gorgeous dinner meal and 11 bars.

Big Ben: This steak house will bring a casual sense of everyday dining with the beautiful Cancun style as you enjoy the juiciest steak and grill available.

La Tasca Espanola: Always fresh ingredients thrown into a Spanish menu make this getaway to the Caribbean seem like a trip to Spain for the duration of your meal.

Manhattan: This calming atmosphere will provide the taste of New York with the relaxing mood of the Cancun as they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Throughout the night, as well, you’ll find a tantalizing array of appetizing snacks.

Atlantis Bar: Head into a mysterious cavernous atmosphere with red laden walls and a pool table to the side, this bar will give you excellent drinks and great conversation located near the adults’ only pool.