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Tamarack Resort Home Rentals Made Easy

Going on vacation is supposed to be a fun experience. Visiting a new place can sometimes be a little unnerving, especially when the place isn’t even finished yet. It’ hard to risk your family’s enjoyment for the opportunity to check out a new product. But Tamarack Resort, America’s newest four season destination resort, is one of those experiences you don’t want to miss out on. And the local lodging companies make Tamarack Resort home rentals easy!

Tamarack Resort is located 100 miles north of Boise and the nearest major airport. It rests at the base of West Mountain (7500 feet at the summit) and in the meadows that separate this mountain chain from the mighty Cascade Lake (20 miles long by several miles wide). Tamarack Resort opened their doors to lodging guests in 2004 and hasn’t looked back since. Winter recreation ranges from snowmobiling to guided backcountry skiing. Their mountain is very family-centric with a designated beginner area, many ski in/ski out residences available for rental and the right mix of staff that makes you feel like you’re coming home each time you visit. In the summer, activities range from Zip Line tours to sailing on Cascade Lake, not to mention a championship golf course and enough hiking and biking trails to send you on a new adventure each day! In the winter high-speed chairlifts whisk snoriders to the peak and snowmobile tours adventure into the vast backcountry surrounding the resort!

Tamarack Resort itself is in a phase of continuing construction and will be until the resort is completed. For many, this is the opportunity to see a great project unfold. Not since Deer Valley and Beaver Creek sprung up in the early 1980′s have we been able to witness a major resort come alive. With this growth comes new businesses and new opportunity to experience even more of Idaho. Many local lodging companies provide just this experience.

Since the chairlifts began running in 2004, a number of new lodging companies have sprung up in this area. Many guests enjoy using these services because these smaller businesses deliver a higher quality of guest service. A big part of making this possible is knowing their customers. These local companies go out of their way to ask, “What makes vacation time important to you.” Then they recommend different ways to enjoy Tamarack Resort and your time in Idaho. Not only do they find you a great place to stay, but they also help you find the right way for you to enjoy Idaho. And this is a very important focus point for many new visitors to Idaho and Tamarack Resort.

Lake Tahoe – A Great Family Vacation Destination

Lake Tahoe is a great destination for your next family vacation. From exploring the outdoors to organized camps and classes, there are numerous activities for kids and their families at Lake Tahoe. And, perhaps the biggest surprise, the majority of these activities are available at little to no cost.

Lake Tahoe is an American treasure with its stunning beauty, crisp and clear air, and the sun shines roughly 80% of the time. Lake Tahoe is a large alpine lake surrounded by the high Sierra Nevada Mountains, straddling the borders of Nevada and California.

In the summer you can partake of boating and water sports, the sandy beaches, bicycling, golf, tennis, hiking, camping, ballooning, hiking, horse back riding, rock climbing, bungee jumping, para sailing and more with seemingly endless possibilities.

There are three recreation areas you may want to consider when visiting Lake Tahoe. The King Beach Recreation Area, which is the largest beach in North Tahoe. It boasts a 3,000 foot stretch of sand with swimming, picnic areas and boat rental facilities. During the summer months, Tahoe City’s Commons Beach hosts free Sunday concerts and Wednesday evening movies. The South Shore’s Zephyr Cove is popular for its marina and restaurants.

In the winter the area receives on average of 409″ of snow, which makes Tahoe one of the premier skiing destinations in America. The area includes 15 downhill resorts, 10 cross-country ski centers, and facilities for snowboarding, ice skating, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, sledding, sleigh riding and of course just playing in the snow.

Year round activities include fishing, Vegas style gambling and big name entertainment in the casinos. And, then there is the lake. Lake Tahoe is famous for its crystal clear water and enormous size. The lake measures 12 miles wide and 22 miles long and it is said that you can see a white dinner plate 75 feet below the surface. The lake’s average depth is 989 feet with its deepest point being 1645 feet. Lake Tahoe contains enough water to cover the entire state of California 15 inches deep. It is the largest alpine lake in North America.

When deciding on where to stay you must decide on the North or South Shores of Lake Tahoe. If you prefer gambling and entertainment then you want to go to the South Shores. It features better casinos, entertainment and lodging choices, often with better rates. If you want a more relaxing, outdoor atmosphere then head to the North Shore. You will find a better selection of high-quality resorts and vacation rentals. The West Shore is very woodsy and has the most campsites, while the East Shore is protected from development and has no commercial activity. Where ever you stay you will find plenty of water and mountain sports.

If you are looking for an outdoor retreat, then Lake Tahoe is a great place to spend your next family vacation!

Ski Resorts Around the World for Families

Whether you like to ski the slopes, catch air with your snowboard or simply enjoy taking in the breathtaking view of snow covered mountains, vacationing at ski resorts has a little something for everyone. From beginner to novice and everywhere in between, you will find a ski resort that will meet your vacation, relaxation and outdoor fun needs.

You can find ski resorts all over the world from Lake Tahoe and Colorado in the States to the mountains in Italy, Austria and Switzerland. You can take a long weekend or a long holiday overseas. The beauty of so many different ski resorts is that you can ski with family, friends or children or take a romantic holiday to a ski resort.

When searching for ski resorts, check out the packages that each resort has to offer. In addition to just booking a room, you can book your whole vacation itinerary. They typically offer ski lessons, discount lift tickets, other activities at the lodge and often include breakfast and other meals. Packages are often the way to go since they save you money and may include activities that you would not have done otherwise.

If you have children who like to ski, you can take a family vacation to a ski resort. There are many resorts that have activities that are geared towards children and slopes that parents and children can ski together. Since smaller children don’t always want to spend a long time out in the cold, they have crafts, games and other things for young children to do at the lodge.

Just about any ski resort can be romantic. What is more romantic than snuggling up by the fireplace with the one you love? Many ski resorts have honeymoon packages that will include champagne and strawberries in the room and other things to make your stay memorable. You can ski during the day and snuggle in the lodge by night.

With ski resorts all over the world, you can travel to different lands to ski the slopes and learn about the local customs and cuisine. Families, friends and honeymooners alike will be able to find a ski resort and customize it to their ideal vacation.