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Saving On Your Walt Disney World Resort and Theme Park Vacation

Would you like to make magic vacation memories at Walt Disney World Resort? All you have to do is find a travel agent who specializes in Disney’s magic your way packages and tell him/her what you want. Your package will include many things for your Walt Disney World vacation.

Save Money With Vacation Packages

It is possible to save money by getting room only and package discounts at select Disney hotels. Special discount codes can be found on internet sites or by calling 407-W-DISNEY and asking about discount offerings. Many travel agents that specialize in Disney travel will have access to these special “mouse discounts”. Usually you must pay a deposit of one night when you book your trip. Of course, some dates may be blacked out but for a great discount, who cares?

Using A Travel Agent

Working with travel agents is easy and it costs nothing to use them. The travel agent can help you negotiate all the ins and outs of planning a Disney’s “Magic Your Way” vacation package at Walt Disney World Resort. Look for a travel agency that specializes in Disney vacation plans and is an “Authorized Disney Vacation Planner.” A travel agent will give you his/her full attention and the best deals that you can get.

Tips on Choosing an Agent

• Pick an agent who will send your money directly to Disney. In fact, make your check out to Disney and not to the agent. Sadly, a few families have lost their deposit by working with unscrupulous agents.
• Pay for your trip with a credit card. This gives you buyer protection in case something happens.

Discount Information

• Discounted “Room Only” rates are offered on certain dates at certain resort properties. You can save up to 35% on certain Disney World properties.

• Bounce Back Discounts are offered to you when you check out from your current Walt Disney World Resort vacation. The idea is to get you to go ahead and book your next Walt Disney World visit while on the premises. You have to make the reservation before you check out so if you don’t get a “Bounce Back” flyer in your room, check on the in house channel or ask at the hotel desk.

• Florida residents get special discount offers throughout the year.

• “Florida Neighbors” discounts are offered to residents of SC, NC, GA, and AL.

Value Season

Walt Disney World continuously adjusts the dates of Value Season and the number of days in the season for each level of resort rooms. Check with your agent for details – going to Disney during the value season not only saves money but can help you see more due to the lower crowd levels.

Tickets and Passes

Of course you will want to order your tickets ahead so that you won’t be spending valuable time standing in line at the theme parks or water parks.

Discount tickets are often offered from brokers who buy the tickets in order to offer them as a premium when selling condos or apartments in the area. Don’t spend your vacation time listening to a high-pressure sales pitch for buying a property you probably don’t want and can’t afford.

When choosing your ticket consider the number of days you will be visiting Walt Disney World Resorts and buy accordingly. For multiple day visits it is recommended that you add the “no expiration” option as well as the “park hopper” option. Add a “Fun and more” option for things like golf, Disney Quest or a water park.

Enjoy Full Fun Without Paying A Full Price

There is no reason to pay full price for a Walt Disney World Resort Magic Your Way family vacation when you can find deep discount offers that will make your trip cost less. Maybe you will even save enough to be able to spend an extra day or two.

Hot Vacation Destinations in Winter

To escape the cold dreary winter, many people will plan a trip to a destination where it is hot and sunny. With so many resort and vacation destinations available, it is not difficult to find a place to tan and enjoy warm waters. Below is a list of a few hot vacation destinations to escape the winter:

Orlando, Florida: Florida is a great hot vacation destination where there is a lot to see and do. Orlando is filled with warm and relaxing tropical beaches and fun attractions such as the world famous Disney world. You can find a whole host of special discounts and affordable vacation packages, particularly Disney world vacation packages. There are wonderful restaurants offering delicious foods, and Disney world has four theme parks as well as the famous Epcot Center. Everyone, including the kids will love spending a hot vacation in Florida.

Caribbean: The Caribbean is a great travel destination. It is an especially popular place to spend a beach vacation. It has the best weather, warmest waters, excellent cuisine, world-class amenities, and luxurious beaches. The Bahamas, St. Kitts, and Barbados are popular tourist hot spots. There are even luxury cruises that travel to the Caribbean. A Caribbean cruise offers great entertainment, recreational activities, delicious foods, as well as warm winds making it a fantastic vacation choice. The Caribbean is one of the most popular winter vacation destinations and is visited by millions of tourists each year.

Hawaii: It is sunny and hot in the exotic state of Hawaii which makes it a great travel destination. Hawaii contains the best beaches in the world where you can relax and soak up the sun. There are many attractions and activities such as immense waterfalls, warm blue waters, and wonderful scenery and biodiversity. You can hike or bike the beautiful terrain. Whatever Hawaiian island you visit, make sure you take advantage of such fun activities as: scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and surfing. The entertainment activities are vibrant with the lovely sounds of Hawaiian music and also you can watch the amazing hula dancers. As well, make sure you check out Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

In the United States, there are many hot vacation spots where the temperature averages Eighty degrees such as in places like Las Vegas, Phoenix, Arizona and Key West, Florida. The Southern Border States all benefit from high temperatures all year long. When visiting such places as San Diego, California and Phoenix or Scottsdale in Arizona, you will not only enjoy the hot weather but you can also find some of the best golf courses. If you are looking to travel further, check out such vacation hot spots as Costa Rica, the South of France, or visit beautiful Seville, Spain. All of these popular tourist ‘hot’ travel destinations have fantastic weather and many attractions, activities, hotels and resorts, excellent restaurants, and so much more. There are also affordable ‘all-inclusive’ vacation packages.

The cold winters often bring on the winter blues. However, the good news is that you can chase those nasty winter blues away by taking a vacation to a tourist hot spot. There is so much to see and do, and you will find some great travel discounts and specials, so you will not have to worry about breaking your vacation budget.

Save Money on Your Bali Vacation by Visiting Lovina Beach

Not as popular among tourists as Ubud, Denpasar, Kuta or Nusa Dua, north Bali is slowly but surely coming up as the place to be for anyone looking for some peace and quiet away from Bali’s busy south. North Bali has a distinct character of its own, with places like Lovina Beach offering visitors a much more relaxed vacation experience than the cookie cutter package tours of the south.

A tiny resort town on the shores of a sparsely populated stretch of pristine black sand beach, Lovina is often regarded as Bali’s best kept secret – a place with quaint hotels, secluded resorts and vacation villas all built on or near the beach commanding breathtaking views of the endless ocean on one side and the lush green jungles with majestic volcanoes on the other.

Famous for dolphin watching, snorkelling and diving, there is no shortage of things to see and do in Lovina, Bali – everything from Dutch colonial era architecture to refreshing hot springs to one of the only Buddhist temples in Bali are all within a few kilometres of your luxury beachfront accommodation in Lovina Beach.

Perhaps the best part of staying at a holiday resort in Lovina is that it is often far cheaper than staying at a comparable hotel in the south. It is a well known fact that Lovina is more affordable than the rest of Bali – welcome news for value minded travellers since it allows them to get the quintessential Bali experience without having to stay in the ever increasingly expensive south. Hotels, meals and the cost of living in general are lower in Lovina than in other, more touristy areas of the island.

Greater savings can be had if you travel on the off season when occupancy rates are low and hotel managers eager to fill empty rooms. In such cases the seasoned traveller to Lovina, Bali can bargain for better rates for everything from room rates to transportation and Dolphin spotting tours.

Even investing in vacation property is cheaper in north Bali! This frenzied pace of construction has driven up property prices throughout Bali – but mostly in the south. The best bargains can be had in Lovina in the north of the island, which offers some truly outstanding property investment opportunities for the savvy buyer.