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Pet Friendly Travel and Vacation Rentals

The first question you need to ask yourself is, will taking your pet with you to your vacation rental enhance your experience, or will it add stress?

Let’s be honest, sometimes pets can be a handful, and sometimes it’s relaxing to have a little time away. Further, think of it from your pet’s vantage point. Traveling is stressful for animals. Comfortable, in-cabin airplane travel is usually limited to smaller pets, and even then it can be a terrifying event in a pet’s life.

That being said, there are more pet friendly vacation options than ever before, especially if you’re not leaving the country. While most hotels and resort-style hotels don’t allow pets, you’ll find a huge number of vacation rentals by owner that are not only pet friendly, but actually run by pet owners who make every effort to ensure you and your pet’s stay is pleasant.

Types of Pet Travel

Airlines generally offer three options for pet travel: checking your pet as baggage, pet shipping, and co-location in the cabin. Cabin fees range from $50 to $200, and while probably the most comfortable for your pet, some with some pretty hefty restrictions. Pets generally must fit comfortably in a kennel that will slide under the seat in front of you. For pets to travel in the main cabin, they must remain in their kennels for the duration of the flight, and there can be no more than one or two (depending on which airline you fly) in each cabin.

Pet travel as checked baggage means you’ll be separated from your pet until you get to your destination, at which point you can travel to your vacation rental together. Strict size requirements for kennels goes into effect for this type of travel, the minimum size usually being so your pet can turn around easily without touching the sides of the kennel. Airlines generally have temperature controlled holding facilities at their hubs, so pets will be taken care in a comfortable environment in the event of a flight delay. Fees for this method of pet travel can be as much, or more, than carry on.

Pet travel as cargo means your pet will not be on the same flight as you, but rather on a cargo plane going to your same destination. They’ll generally be afforded all the perks and benefits of pet travel as checked baggage, and will be delivered to the cargo terminal of your destination airport within 60 minutes of arrival.

Pet Travel Tips

The following list contains tips to ensure your pet’s comfort during air travel:

  • Familiarize your pet with the kennel to ease the stress of travel.
  • Keep your pet as calm as possible prior to the flight. Take along a leash and collar for walking your pet prior to departure. Do not place the leash inside the kennel.
  • Include identification tags with your home address and telephone number, as well as the address and phone number of the person receiving the animal at destination.
  • Never send your pet with a muzzle or choke collar on. Both can be dangerous when an animal is alone.

Finding a Pet Friendly Vacation Rental

Don’t panic – it’s not as bad as it all sounds. With one trip under your belt you’ll be an old pro at traveling with your four-legged best friend. Most large vacation rental property websites have options to search with a pet friendly filter on, and I think you’ll be surprised at the number of options. If going somewhere warm and near the water with your dog, look for a leash-free beach where you can both run and play. If going somewhere cold, look for snowshoe or cross country ski vacation rentals so you can get some hiking and good exercise in.

Wherever you end up going, make sure you contact the vacation rental owner before you leave to make sure everything will be ready for you, your family, and your pet when you arrive.

Booking Tours and Vacations Packages

The stresses and pressure of daily life such as work, family, and social responsibilities, can leave most people feeling stressed out and tired. When people are overwhelmed with stress, a great cure is taking a vacation. Vacations are a great way to relax, unwind, and have some fun. However, vacation planning can come with its own share of headaches. One way to reduce the stress of planning a vacation is to book a vacation tour package.

If you are thinking about taking a much needed a vacation, below is a list of the advantages of booking tours:

Diverse Vacation Packages: Vacation and tour packages are a great way to experience adventure as well as getting some much needed relaxation. For instance, there are a variety of vacation packages to suit any taste and interests. You can choose from such vacation packages as cruise tour packages, wine tasting tours, European tours, Caribbean vacation packages, ski vacations, eco-friendly tour packages, resort packages, and much more. These packages are designed to be all inclusive, fun, and promote a laid back lifestyle.

Save Money: Paying for a vacation is always an important consideration. Tour and vacation packages can save a traveler a lot of money. Instead of booking everything separately such as accommodations, flights, social and cultural activities, entertainment, recreational activities…etc, you can make one lump payment. You will save time and money when you book a travel vacation package. The reason you will save money is that travel agencies that offer these vacation packages will buy in bulk from the vacation and tour companies so they can pass on the savings. You can often even get meals and car rentals included in the vacation package, In addition, the arrangements they make are not normally found anywhere else.

No Planning or Scheduling: Making vacation plans and schedules is often a time consuming and frustrating task. When booking a vacation package, you won’t have to create pre-travel scheduling lists such as lists on how to get around the vacation destination area. There is a planned itinerary so you do not have to worry about getting lost or calling around to make travel arrangements.

Travel Assistance: When booking a vacation, the travel company will ensure you have all the necessary information to make your vacation fun and reducing the chance of a serious problem occurring. As well, you will often get insurance included in the package so that you will be compensated if your luggage or money is stolen. There is normally a representative available to provide assistance if a problem occurs.

Purchasing a tour means you will be purchasing peace of mind. Because you will be pre paying for the vacation upfront, you will not have to worry about extra costs and you can plan your spending budget much more easily. Booking a vacation package means great care has been taken to create the packages so that travelers will have an exciting, relaxing, and memorable time.

The Difference Between Time Shares and Vacation Clubs

There seems to be much confusion about time shares and vacation clubs. The confusion lies in the marketing tactics of the two industries. Both time shares and vacation clubs use similar marketing strategies to get potential clients in the door.

Both industries usually offer potential clients a ‘gift’ or two for coming in for a presentation. These gifts are not free, there are usually terms and conditions that go along with them. For instance, most companies (timeshare and vacation club) offer potential clients a vacation of some sort for their time. In most cases, the potential client would be responsible for paying taxes and other associated fees for the vacation. The fees vary with each promotion.

It still seems to be a pretty good deal though, for example you spend an hour and a half of your time, get an all inclusive 3 night cruise for two people, and end up paying around $500 for the entire thing. That’s much cheaper than paying the cruise & air lines what they want for an all inclusive cruise.

In my opinion, this is a great way to get a short vacation for cheap and very little hassle. It’s not as if the company is going to continue to call you after you’ve come in, plus you get to learn about a company that you might want to use in the future!

The presentations generally last anywhere from 1-3 hours, depending on the company. Time share companies tend to be more high pressured than vacation clubs. In my opinion this is because time shares are quite a bit more expensive than vacation club memberships.

However, there are differences between the two. Travel Clubs are generally much cheaper than time shares. The biggest difference is that with a time share you own a set amount of time at a specific location every year for ‘x’ amount of years. With a vacation club, you have the option to stay in different locations and can usually choose between condo’s, resorts, hotels, and cruises.

I spend a lot of time online reading complaints about the marketing strategies of all types of companies. From telemarketers, door to door sales, commercials, etc. The fact is that marketing is a vital part of our economy and is how companies grow. These are United States based companies and boost our economic growth.

The upside to going to a vacation club presentation is that you get something for your time, in most cases you get a few small things. Most industries don’t give you anything in return for the time you take to watch their commercial, attend their presentation, or deal with someone knocking on your door right at dinner time.