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Bali Villas, Resorts, and Other Types of Accommodations

Taking time to explain the kinds of hotels and villas in Bali would take forever; there are so many different types of Bali accommodation to suite everybody. During the last few decades, Bali has become a very preferred traveler destination, not only thanks to the beaches and leisure activities available but because of the Balinese people themselves. They are definitely the most accommodating hosts to be found anywhere in the world.

With the development of the tourist industry over the last twenty or thirty years there are certain areas that have become the heart of holiday maker activity. These places have become extraordinarily crowded especially in the peak vacation season, from Apr to September. Although the island is fairly small there is so much undiscovered country that you are now finding more Bali hotels springing up in more secluded areas, not only in the interior} of the island, but surrounding it. All around Bali are little islands that are being developed to give travelers the possibility of being able to stay all alone piece of paradise for the length of their vacation.

Staying on one of these isolated islands is excellent for honeymooners or tourists who just want to enjoy a family holiday without the hustle and bustle of the bars, clubs and other nightlife that is pretty much a part of the preferred holiday maker areas. To get to mainland Bali from most of these islands is only a short ferry trip.

The southern part of Bali is just about full of tourist resorts and as such the Balinese government has begun to develop the northwards part that will give easier access to the more mountainous areas of central Bali. Apart from the new hotels that are being built, construction is under way on a new airport.

Everyone is calling it the New Bali International Airport, but its official name is the Jembrana City International Airport. The completion date is going to be in 2012 and this airport will replace Ngurah Rai International as the new international arrival and exit point. This has become necessary as the area surrounding Ngurah Rai is fully developed and with the rise in the tourism industry Ngurah Rai will not be able to deal with the quantity of air traffic in the future and there is no extra space for enlargement in the area.

The present hotels and resorts will shortly only be a small part of all of the available places to stay. It appears as though Bali is ready to become a preferred visitor destination for generations to come. There’s no wonder that the tourist industry is growing at such a fast pace in Bali, the leisure facilities are out of this world. Bali packages for vacations, weddings, adventure are so varied that it would most likely take a lifetime to explore them all. Although there’s so much development going on, the Balinese state goes to great lengths to make sure that the beauty and fairy story atmosphere is protected ; after all it is for the natural beauty that the general public come to Bali for.

Grenadines Vacation Destination

The islands of the Grenadines are some beautiful small islands located between St. Vincent and Grenada. These islands are south of St. Vincent, north of Grenada and southwest of Barbados. They belongs to both St. Vincent and Grenada. However, most of these islands belongs to St. Vincent for which the territory is known as St. Vincent and the Grenadines. There are over 600 small islands that comprise the Grenadines. The islands are some of the most beautiful in the Caribbean and are loved by many for the private unspoiled natural beauty. An interesting feature of the island of the Grenadines is there names. Three of the main islands Bequia, Canauon and Union Island all have airport which makes traveling to the different Grenadines islands hassle free. These airports have connection to neighboring countries international airports in Barbados, St. Lucia and Grenada along with St. Vincent. Additionally, there is a reliable ferry service operating between St. Vincent and all the Grenadines islands daily.

Activities and Wedding Tips

The Grenadines is known of the yacht sailing, musical festivals, its many regattas and marine adventures. Furthermore, all of the Grenadines islands offering exciting wedding packages. One requirement though is you may have to spend three days in the island before your marriage. An interesting wedding feature of the islands though is its various wedding settings. Couples can have their weddings in a beautiful tropical flower garden, on a hilltop at sunset, on a white sandy beach, in can church or on a beautiful yacht setting to name a few.

The Different Grenadines Islands And Vacation Offers


Bequia is the most northerly island in the Grenadines island chain. The name Bequia means “islands of cloud” a name deprived from its indigenous Arawak ancestors and is located nine miles south of St. Vincent. A visit to the lovely island of Bequia can be done though a connecting flight from the Grantley Adams International airport in Barbados which only take 55 minutes. Also, there are ferry services operating between St. Vincent and Bequia which is an excellent adventure for visitors wanting to experience traveling by boat. Bequia is yachtsman’s paradise for marine adventures. One of the major sea activity that Bequia is known for is its East Regatta in Easter. This is a fun fill pack of boat races, fishing and entertainment.


The island of Canouan is 25 miles south of the main land St. Vincent and the name means “Island of Turtles.” This small island main attraction includes hiking, snorkeling, and a world-class golf coast. The island can be access easily though its airport. One of the highlights of Canouan is the Raffles Resort which has the largest hotel pool in the Caribbean and a lovely golf coast.


Mayreau is the smallest inhabited island in the Grenadines with a population of about 200. It is seven miles south of Canouan and can only be access though boats. Mayreau is an excellent place for a day cruise with its lovely peaceful beaches. Also, it is a great destination for hiking. You can walk for one side of the island to the other while enjoying Mayreau’s nature beauty. Additionally, Mayreau is known of it lovely craft and is an excellent place to buy souvenirs.

Petit St. Vincent

Petit St. Vincent is one of the private own islands in the Grenadines chain of islands. It is located 40 miles south of St. Vincent and is an excellent water sport destination. Visitors enjoy snorkeling, swimming, windsurfing, sailing, and diving. This is an excellent destination for couples and families who want to have a private vacation experience.

Palm Island

Palm Island is another private island in the Grenadines chain. This island is an island that must be visited. It has an amazing reputation for offering luxury as an all-inclusive resort island. The island offers visitors an amazing tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. It is a top small Island Caribbean vacation, wedding and honeymoon destination for visitors who needs to enjoy luxury on a small island. The main resort Palm Island Resort will provide you with a vacation experience second to none in the Caribbean.


The island of the Musitque is one of the world top private island luxury resort. It is an island known for it’s the rich and famous type of visitors. This island is the definition of paradise with nature beauty and elegant accommodation.

The Tobago Cays

The Tobago Cays marine park referred to as the “Horseshoe Reef” is one of the major attractions in the Grenadines. It is a cluster of four uninhabited islands with amazing marine adventures. These islands are only accessible by yacht and are excellent places snorkeling and scuba diving.

Union Island

Union Island is the southern most island of the Grenadines which are own by St. Vincent. The island is a yachting paradise and provides a great starting point for visitors who want to explore to Grenadines. It is a few miles away from the Tobago Cays Marine Park and provides excellent yacht charter services for visitors wanting to explore the beautiful water of the Grenadines.

The islands in the Grenadines provide a unique set of experiences for visitors. These islands have excellent sailing water, friendly people, exciting water sports adventures and allows visitors to enjoy the vacation on a private island resorts. These islands are great weddings destination and an excellent place to private vacation.

Themed Hotels and Resorts – Providing an Escape From Reality

Need some ideas on where you should take your next vacation? Are you to trying to find a place to get away, maybe a little escape from reality? There are a number of different destinations and themed resorts that just might be perfect for you. Regardless of the nature of your stay a themed resort can meet your needs. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for an exciting weekend to get away with some friends, a romantic couple’s spa retreat with a loved one or a place to spend some quality time with the family. Planning the perfect vacation means creating a memorable experience that will leave a lifelong impression on the entire group. Finding the perfect hotel or resort will give you and your companions the opportunity to relax and revel in the hotel’s activities while taking pleasure in a larger than life fairytale type setting.

Over the years the hospitality industry has been coming out with a number of different themes and concepts to entice patrons to their facilities. The gaming industry itself has evolved from simple gambling facilities to world-renowned entertainment destinations. With the expert design and craftsmanship of highly skilled architects and artisans, hotels and casinos have the ability to recreate any environment, making what might seem impossible, possible.

If an island retreat is something that you are looking for, but the thought of actually flying to a tropical island is out of the question, beach hotels and themed resorts might be your answer. Hand crafted waterfalls, white sand beaches and exotic lagoons give hotel patrons the opportunity to escape from their everyday lives and partake in the activities or bask in the surroundings of a tropical getaway.

Perhaps a tropical retreat is not what you had in mind, how about hitting the links while your loved one gets an afternoon pampering at the spa or vice versa? Golf resorts and spa hotels offer their patrons the opportunity to play and relax all while enjoying the tranquil surroundings of a luxury facility. With the natural surroundings of a golf course along with magnificent rock work and water features guests are invited to flee from their day by day routines while they enjoy an experience catered to delight their senses and tantalize their imagination.

If a tropical getaway or golf and spa retreat does not tickle your fancy maybe a journey to a wilderness lodge, an excursion to an African safari, relaxing near the ruins of ancient Tuscany, or an adventure to the pirate infested waters of the Caribbean just may.

There is no limit to the number of different intriguing, playful and relaxing environments you can enjoy while on your next vacation. Be sure to choose something that will work not only for you, but for the entire a group that will be accompanying you. Have fun and don’t forget to pack properly, it might be worth brining a compass and an extra bottle of sun tan lotion just to be on the safe side.