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Pai – Popular Mountain Resort and Farang Enclave in Northern Thailand

If you’d like to disappear off the face of the map and drop out from the real world, there is no better place than Pai, a very pleasant mountain resort and dedicated farang enclave in Thailand’s northern province of Mae Hong Son.The mountain air is clean and crisp and free of pollution, and during the dry season, the morning temperature is below 50F and at night, a comfortable 65F. So bring a sweater or light jacket during the dry season, November – May.

Pai is “A real United Nations Village” as in a short amount of time, one will meet people of so many different nationalities – Israelis, Swedes, Canadians, young Japanese backpackers, Flemish, Finns, Dutch, Germans, Aussies, Kiwis, French, Italians, Brits, Swiss, Spaniards and a token Yankee or two. Although somewhat devoid of Thai ambiance per se, there is something special and magical about this rural mountain resort. The most popular activity in Pai is getting high, hanging around any number of small cafes shooting the breeze with fellow farang travelers. In addition, a lot of artistic types – writers, poets, watercolorists, musicians etc – find Pai a perfect place for their creative juices to flow and have made it their permanent abode.

In an odd sort of way, arriving in Pai is sort of like entering “The Twilight Zone”. For those of you who don’t know what I’m referring to, Twilight Zone was a popular science fiction sitcom in the 1960′s. Many visitors stay in Pai for months or years, never to go back to their westernized home country or to the trappings of real civilization. I believe that many visitors’ stay in Pai comes to an end when their traveler’s visa expires. Some of these dropouts make the run across the border to Myanmar and get their visa extended. Like I said, many people disappear in Pai and never return to the life they left behind.

“You’re travelling to another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound… but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land, whose boundaries are only that of the imagination… you’re entering… the Twilight Zone”

Breckenridge Ski-In Ski-Out Lodging and Vacation Accommodations

When searching for Breckenridge, Colorado lodging, you’ll most likely notice the phrase “ski-in ski-out” used in the description of various accommodations. Realizing the incredible lure of these words, property management companies have begun using them in the marketing of their resorts, condominiums, timeshares and private vacation homes. While the phrase conjures images of a property that is mere steps from the slopes, where chairlift access couldn’t be easier, the reality is that “ski-in ski-out” is being adapted to describe properties that are actually nothing of the sort.

Many Breckenridge properties do feature true slopeside accommodations, however the vast majority describing themselves as such have stretched the truth to at least some extent. This may mean that a condominium hotel sits at the far end of a pedestrian plaza that links it with the resort’s base area, or it could be that you find yourself hiking to the nearest chairlift via an ungroomed trail through the woods. Because these trails are often too narrow to be groomed by the resort’s snowcats, they may be icy or impassable as a result of deeply drifted snow.

Other accommodations may offer ski-out access, but lack a trail system that doesn’t require hiking back up the mountain to return to your lodging. A true slopeside property should provide direct access to the slopes in both directions, allowing access to your lodging throughout the day.

The lesson to take away from this article is simple: When booking accommodations that are defined as ski-in ski-out, make sure that you know exactly what it is that you are getting. Property management companies in Breckenridge may have varying definitions of ski-in ski-out, and as a result, you should question your preservationist thoroughly as to the actual location of your lodging.

Water, Sand, Sun, and Fun at Tropical Beach Resorts

Beach vacations, they are surely one of the most pleasant of experiences for so many people. Lying in a hammock, sipping a cold drink, or perhaps frolicking in the refreshing ocean water, or partying it out until the wee hours of the morning — there is virtually no limit to your options when you go on a tropical beach holiday.

One of the great things about going on a beach vacation is that there is sure to be a resort for you, one that can accommodate both your tastes and budget. Are you the type of person who absolutely has to have the most luxurious rooms and the best services money can buy? No problem! There are countless five-star and deluxe beach hotels that offer top experience for top dollar.

Are you on a budget and looking for a place that provides decent if not high quality accommodations, something that would give you the most value for your money? That is not a problem either, since there is an almost endless list of inexpensive beach hostels and resorts that cater to budget-conscious travelers.

Choosing the right tropical beach accommodation does not have to be overwhelming or difficult. If you already have a resort in mind, you can visit its website and see if any special packages are being offered. These packages usually come at lower rates and are bundled with extra features such as free airport transfers, free breakfast, free sightseeing tours, etc. It is also a good idea to check out the travel and vacation websites to read other people’s reviews of hotel and resorts.