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Hawaiian Vacations: The Westin Maui Resort and Spa

The Westin Maui Resort and Spa has been rated a six-gold-apple resort by Apple Vacations, its best ranking given to vacation hotels. It is considered a “Value Plus” resort, meaning it provides more bang for your buck than similar resorts. This is certainly a fantastic place to stay on Hawaiian vacation.

About The Westin Maui

This resort was recently converted into an entirely smoke-free facility, meaning it is a great family destination and clouds of smoke will not disturb your enjoyment of the fresh air.

The hotel is located between the scenic blue Pacific Ocean and the Maui mountains. It is situated alongside a five-acres strip of white sand known as “Kaanapali Beach,” voted the best in America. This is a lovely location that new and repeat visitors will admire.


Like other Hawaiian vacation spots, the Westin Maui Resort and Spa has fantastic swimming opportunities. If you tire of swimming in the warm Pacific waters, then you’ll enjoy the 87,000 square foot pool area featuring five distinct pools. Among these pools are two water slides, a grotto with a hidden whirlpool accessible to guests that swim through twin water falls, and an adults-only area where you don’t have to worry about the children.

Speaking of children, this resort has a Kid’s Club where professionals supervise your kids and lead them in fun activities, while you enjoy a relaxing day at the spa. The Westin Maui Spa offers massages, sauna, steam room, facials, and mani/pedis, perfect for rejuvenation.

Nearby to the facility, there is a 36-hole golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones and Arthur Jack Snyder that will allow golf enthusiasts to enjoy a round in the pleasant weather while on your Hawaii vacation.

For an additional workout, there is also a jogging trail and aerobics class. And guests who enjoy water sports will be pleased with the numerous options at the Westin Maui, including paddle boats, wind surfing, scuba diving, fishing, snorkeling, and motorboats.

At night, enjoy Hula dancing and live bands at the hotel, or visit one of the nearby clubs for an exciting nighttime experience.

Dining Options

The Westin Maui Resort offers three separate restaurants on site. The Tropica is a known as much for its terrific views as its food. Enjoy watching the sunset or sunrise right beside the beach amidst flickering tiki torches. The Colonnade Café is the spot to come for continental breakfast, including fresh fruit, Danish pastries, muffins, coffee, and Danish pastries. Finally, OnO Surf Bar and Grill serves three meals per day, featuring health-conscious meals and island specialties.

Regardless of which of these amazing options you choose, you are sure to be satisfied with a Hawaiian vacation to the Maui Westin.

Malaysia Island Hotel – Resort and Cheap Hotel

Travelers come to Pangkor for all the things that it lacks, crowds, traffic, and noise. When it comes to lodging in Pangkor, you will find that the island is really up to date. There are accommodations for every budget, and sure to satisfy your needs during your vacation.

Pangkor specializes on romantic places to stay offering quiet private accommodations with stunning views sure to spark romance if you are traveling with someone special. Pangkor is also very family friendly, and there are plenty of accommodations that are kid friendly. Ok, enough talk, let’s find your perfect accommodation in PangkorIsland-Hotel. Happy Exploring!!

It’s Malaysia travel information about Pangkor Island one of the country Island unspoiled, still uncrowded beaches and islands,great Malaysia hotel,resorts and chalet.

Our family fell in love with the people, with this entire perfect little island. We taste at some yummy restaurants and we slept at comfortable chalet on Pasir Bogak and Teluk Nipah beach…Pangkor Island Vacation.Lulled to sleep by ocean waves every night. And my family? Well,we fell in loved with the beach . Pangkor Island beaches have so much to offer everyone… warmth, sunshine, peace,soft, white sand and golden when sunset.

laze in a beach chair. So what was our favorite of all the Pangkor Island beaches,hotel,chalet or place of attraction? They all were! You see, every beach in Pangkor Island is different, each with its own qualities that makes it special.How about Hotel,Resort and Chalet or many attraction places? How about historical places such as Dutch Fort or Dutch Tomb.

I’ve been able to learn about the place the tourist don’t discover. Things Like:

–”must do”

–Among Best hotels and resorts and chalet too (cheap)

–must stay Hotel,Resort and Chalet — where we stayed

–Yummiest restaurants (Malay,Chinese or Indian) do you like beef curry, nasi lemak, nasi goreng with the tarik? ( flying tea )

–Most rewarding snorkeling spots at Teluk Nipah and Pasir Bogak.

–The totally unique “little things”(it a little secret I like to share with you)

Is Resorts 360 Vacation Club A Scam?

Roger Slutter, was a former airline captain, and was a very successful marketer. With Resorts 360, becoming a major group within the travel industry. With the success they have had, many successful business minded individuals are wanting to join. The company originated in the Northwestern area of the United States. For the past 100 years, this part of the country has been known for the increase in business opportunity. Many companies including Amazon and Microsoft, just to name a few, has really been instrumental in helping Seattle with business growth.

Every consumer today, is looking at getting some value from the company that they are doing business with. Resorts 360 provides excellent value to every individual that joins in the vacation club. Some companies will have success because when customers talk to other customers with great feedback, that is so vital for growth.

Every year the travel industry is growing. Every human being is excited to travel. They want to visit new places, take vacations with their families, and sometimes to just get away. With the economy in the shape it is today, everyone is looking at being able to save money. The opportunity that is offered by this company is real, they are not trying to scam anyone. With what the company offers, many people will actually be honored to be able to save some serious money. With 85 countries, and nearly 4000 resorts available everyone has a wide range of opportunities. If a person would rather go by sea, an individual can save up to 75%. These can retail for as much as $1599, But as a member is only charged $399. These savings alone can make a difference with somebody. The value offered by this company gives customers a true sense that they have been doing business with a company that is truly customer orientated.

With only $398 to join, the company offers the great potential for an individual to earn a great income. The company offers a great pay plan. Every time that a new member joins you will receive $200. The only time that this does not happen is with the 1st and 2nd sale. You will only receive $100 for these two sales.

After studying this company, they are not a scam. They offer a product that has value, and the pay plans they offer gives you the incentive to make money. Whether or not this seems like something that you would want to do, is up to you. But always remember, if you want to be successful, you have to give 100% to the business.