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Mazatlan Mexico Vacation

Mazatlan Mexico is a wonderful vacation destination. Mazatlan differs from some of the other Mexico vacation destinations. Cancun, Cabo San Lucas and Cosumel are primarily cities that were developed as tourist destinations. Although Mazatlan has been a hot vacation destination since the 1930′s, tourism is not main source of income for the residents. Mazatlan is for most a industrialized city that is rich in industry. It is a real Mexican city that happens to have been discovered by the movie and music industry as one of the world’s finest big game fishing ports.

Many years ago the movie and music industry discovered Mazatlan and it has been a vacation destination ever since.

Mazatlan has a great deal to offer vacationers. The weather is terrific; the beaches are peaceful and stretch for miles. Many experienced vacationers who have traveled Mexico and have vacationed at many destinations concur that Mazatlan has the finest dining in all of Mexico. This may be due in part because of the many fine seafood restaurants that abound Mazatlan. Mazatlan is fondly referred to as the shrimp capitol of the world. Every night when looking out at the islands you will see the shrimp boats fishing for shrimp. As well there are many exotic fish to be had off the coast of Mazatlan. Dorado, Yellow Fin Tuna and Roosterfish are just a few of the samplings you will find available in the restaurants.

There are many activities that are available to the vacationer. There is something for everyone. You will find sport fishing, ATV tours on Stone Island, Horseback Riding, Parasailing, and of course the beaches! Mazatlan has a wonderful water themed park. You can spend a day there cooling off from the sun. Food and beverages are available when you visit the water park.

The hotels sponsor a wide variety of events. You will find Mexican cultural events, meet and greets and singles events as well. Mazatlan is rich in cultural history and for most it is very interesting. The people of Mazatlan are proud of their heritage. The influence of their Spanish history is evident in everything you see. The architecture, food, religion and culture all reflect the Spanish influence.

When vacationing in Mazatlan there are many different types of accommodations. You will find world class Hotels, Condos, Resorts and Vacation Rentals. One of the outstanding features of the hotels and resorts in Mazatlan is the service and professionalism you will receive from the hotel and resort staff. Mazatlan enjoys a bustling tourism industry and this is partly due to the referrals vacationers receive from family and friends.

Although there are a lot of first class hotels and resorts in Mazatlan as an alternative consider looking into vacationing in a Mazatlan vacation rental. You will find staying in a vacation rental to be a refreshing alternative.

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Panama Resorts

When you are looking for a perfect holiday destination, then Panama is sure to be high on your list of places to visit. While the beauty of Panama has been something of a secret to tourists for a long time now, tourism is finally picking up here. The government is committed to ensuring that development is planned in a sustainable manner without affecting the natural environment of the country. After all it is the country’s natural resources that are its greatest assets.

Staying at one of the many Panama resorts is a fun way to spend your vacation. It is far more interesting than staying at most conventional hotels. Resorts are usually developed in unique locations away from the humdrum of the city. This makes the experience more enjoyable. They are also developed to focus on activities that guests can participate in. And hence offer a complete holiday package.

Panama Resorts There are several resorts in panama for you to consider staying at. You can choose your resort based on its location, activities it offers and your budget. The country has a Pacific coast and an Atlantic coast and numerous islands just waiting to be discovered. It also boasts of rainforests, sometimes located not even an hour from the city. You can also decide to holiday at a resort in the Chirqui highlands.

Resorts on the Beach For a great experience of the sun, sand and beautiful waters check into one of the many beach resorts in the country. At driving distance from the country’s capital is the ‘Decameron Resort’ that offers an all inclusive holiday. The resort offers a glorious setting atop a hill on the beach side and offers every room a great view. It has restaurants, bars, pools, spa and even a disco. You can enjoy a game of golf and other sports. Non-motorized water sports can also be enjoyed here.

The ‘Edge Water Beach Resort’ is also close to Panama City. The resort offers a stunning location and is on a beach front property. Enjoy the clean white beach and explore the shore line looking for marine life. The resort also has a wonderful spa that promises to relieve your body and mind of stress. Other places to look for beach resorts include the Bocas del Toro archipelago. Try ‘The Garden of Eden’ when you are here. The resort offers limited occupancy and offers a truly private and beautiful stay.

You may have seen pictures of villas that are actually located on the waters, and may want to try this unique experience. Then visit the ‘Coral Lodge’ on the San Blas Islands. It offers guests transportation to the resort and has a host of water sports for you to indulge in. A visit to the native Kuna village is not to be missed.

In the Highlands Looking for a resort in the Chiriqui highlands? Then book accommodation at the Playa Bonita. The resort offers a beautiful architectural setting for your holiday and the services to make your stay memorable. You may also enjoy the ‘The Health Haven at Valle Escondido’ and go home rejuvenated and with a new energy for life. The resort’s location in the beautiful hill of the Chiriqui province provides a gorgeous and tranquil setting for your holiday here.

In the Forests If it is the rainforests that draw you to the country then opt for Panama resorts set in such a location. The Cerro Azul rainforests set a magnificent background for the ‘Hostal Casa De Campo Country Inn & Spa’. The resort is small and offers a truly unique experience of the rainforests. ‘The Gamboa Rainforest Resort’ offers a beautiful locale, a wide range of fauna and flora to be seen and wonderful services. It also has many spa packages for you to consider.

Irrespective of the resorts in panama you decide to consider, what is sure is that they will all offer an experience unlike any other. Do make your reservations much ahead of time to ensure that the resort isn’t completely booked up when you arrive