Luxury Golf Resorts and Hotels

World-class golf courses with exciting golfing challenges and perfect weather make the Caribbean a favorite destination of golfers. Whether one is a professional golfer or a leisure traveler, the top-notch services and facilities offered by the golf resorts and hotels ensure that visitors enjoy a memorable golfing vacation.

The Rose Hall Resort and Spa in Montego Bay, Jamaica, features the Cinnamon Hill Golf Course designed by Robert Von Hagge. This seductive oceanfront course offers about 7,000 yards of greens and tees which are a golfer’s delight. Beginners can benefit from the instructions of celebrity caddies listed as “The Best in the World” by The Golfer magazine. Guests at the hotel are also invited to access the nearby White Witch and the Half Moon Golf Course. Montego Bay area has several resorts which have their own golf courses but there are a few which do not have those facilities. Guests at these resorts can enjoy preferred tee times and discounts at golf links in the neighborhood.

St. Kitts and Nevis is yet another excellent Caribbean golfing destination with the Robert Trent Jones II golf course onsite the Four Season Resort in Nevis. Guests here can avail of packages and programs that offer unlimited golfing opportunities. Royal St. Kitts Golf Club and Cat Ghaut Chip’n Putt are some other golfing options in St. Kitts and Nevis.

The Dominican Republic is one more top golfing travel destination in the Caribbean [] that offers visitors a number of golfing options. Staying at an all-inclusive resort like Casa de Campo gives its guests an opportunity to tee on three challenging courses namely The Teeth of the Dog, The Links, and Dye Fore. Catalonia Bavaro in Punta Cana has two fabulous golf courses on-site the Cabeza de Toro Golf Club and the Caribe Golf Club while The Puntacana Hotel has a golf course on-site and offers off-site golfing opportunities as well.

Tips For Finding Vacation Rentals on Craigslist

Are you looking for a good deal on a vacation rental? If so, you can and should turn to This online classified website may have just what you were looking for, but what tips should you keep in mind when doing your search?

Finding Vacation Rentals on Craigslist – Tip #1

Expand your search. Hotels, motels, vacation resorts, and vacation rentals are all more expensive the closer you get to a popular vacation destination or attraction. If you want to save money, it is best to look a few minutes or hours away. Try it on Craigslist. By opting to rent a car or drive your own an extra 35 minutes, you may save anywhere from $50 to $100 a night! If you want to search multiple areas on Craigslist near your vacation destination to find the cheapest rentals, you can download a Craigslist search program. These search programs allow you to search multiple locations and categories at once; saving you time.

Finding Vacation Rentals on Craigslist – Tip #2

Don’t rent a vacation rental you found listed on Craigslist without first seeing pictures. In fact, you want to see lots of pictures. Many travelers make the mistake of assuming all vacation rentals are beautiful and in tip-top shape, but they aren’t all. Honestly, someone can have an old trailer placed by a lake and call it a vacation rental. Your staying options while on vacation are very important; they can literally make or break your trip. Save yourself time, money, and a hassle and ask to see lots of pictures first. If a Craigslist vacation rental property owner only has one or two pictures posted, ask them to email you more.

Finding Vacation Rentals on Craigslist – Tip #3

Watch out for vacation rental scams. Everyday, it is seems as if frauds have sunken to a new low. Did you know that scammers use vacation rentals and unsuspecting tourists to make a living? They do. When hiding behind a computer, it is easy to claim you are a vacation rental owner while not being one. In fact, most scammers who use this method are living in another country. A few simple steps can help prevent you from falling victim to a Craigslist vacation rental scam. What should you do? As previously stated, ask to see lots of pictures, ask about the physical address of the vacation rental, view the property on an interactive map with satellite views, and check your credit card statement to ensure you aren’t charged until after your trip starts. It is common for you to be charged a security or holding deposit upfront, but (like traditional hotels) your card should not be charged until you actually stay.

As mentioned above, you can use a Craigslist search program to save money when searching for vacation rentals on Craigslist.

Luxury Resorts – Enjoy a New Kind of Vacation

Skip the same old vacation this year and indulge yourself and your family with a vacation full of pampering, fun, and memories that will last forever. Luxury resorts offer activities of all kinds and cater to the discriminating needs of the people who are their guests. From hiking to swimming to fine dining, high-end resorts are becoming a popular stopping place and putting the word “pamper” back into vacations. Most luxury resorts are aimed at the adventurous personality and include sports activities, local site seeing tours of the area, and catering to the needs of the romantic couples and families.

Offering the trendiest of amenities, these resorts are known for their theme-based décor, from Native American to Southwestern to Italian to French to the traditional, and offer individual attention that continues to make them popular destinations.

Spa Treatments of All Kinds

Enrichment is often a visitor’s desire at a luxury resort; most offer spas full of massage treatments of all kinds, body and spirit rejuvenation, as well as aquatic therapies and seminars offering everything from cooking to health and nutrition. Relaxing in calming aromatherapy atmospheres surrounded by scents of essential oils and candles, one can truly relax and find the inner peace they lose in their everyday lives.

Cabana-filled fun is usually nearby with lakes, oceans, unique and luxurious pools, and saunas to help you delve further into relaxation mode. Sports activities such as tennis and golf are often grand themes of destination luxury resorts, and most boast championship level golf courses and the latest and greatest in tennis adventures. If shopping is your game, luxury resorts come equipped with concierge services that can lead you to the shopping experience you desire.

Fine Dining at Award Winning Restaurants

Dining, no matter which meal, is a top part of every visitor’s day. With renowned world class chefs at the helm, decadent and sumptuous meals of all sorts are supplied to tempt your taste buds and beg for more. Sommeliers are ready with wine selections for every course from appetizer to desserts, and dining facilities boast calm and relaxing hues and generous seating arrangements. Romantic dining can be in the resort’s restaurants, on the beach, or outside patio or catered to your room with individual service and attention.

Comfort and Pampering

Soaps, shampoos, moisturizers, robe attire and linens are top quality at these resorts, and most are imported or made specifically for each destination. Beds for back rest and comfort are provided along with fluffy comforters and blankets rich in thread count. Gone are white hotel rooms with traditional furniture; instead they’ve been replaced by suites decorated with every color and hue imaginable, along with detailed attention to accessory décor and furniture, that is meant to delight guests.

Luxury resorts also offer many activities that have their guests coming back and back again, including trips to local towns or sites, hiking trips on beautiful mountains and ridges, blue water swimming experiences, water activities, and childcare for the couple who seek the nightlife experience. Chances are if you’re looking for a local potter, weaver or artist of any kind, the resort where you choose to stay can guide you to them and even provide classes if desired.

Luxury resorts are here to stay, and as more of us venture to cities around the world, we have come to enjoy and expect everything they have to offer, from the basics to the delicious.