What Makes Resorts 360 Vacation Club Unique?

The competition is probably charging you several thousands of dollars to take advantage of their packages. But unlike most, Resorts 360 is different. Their members receive exclusive access high-end, exotic get a ways and earn money while promoting this up and coming travel business. There is no limited offer for “hot weeks” and last minute specials.

As an associate and internet marketer of Resorts 360, you will receive exclusive right to use the resorts they offer. Luxury Vacations! 3 Star to 5 Star Resorts for 50% to 75% off compared to other retail offers. Sounds like you get more for your money with Resorts 360. You can reserve your vacation up to two years or as early as one week out. These options are more available at a fraction of what the competitor is offering. They claim you save thousands of dollars per stay at over 4000 resort locations in over 85 countries around the world! Resorts 360 accepts members from all countries is GLOBAL!

For the promoter of this opportunity you can get started for less than $50 And create a perpetual residual income! You are paid on an unlimited amount of levels! There are no income caps with Resorts 360. This gives you Unlimited Earning Potential.

Unlike the other clubs Resorts 360 offer a vacation for life free. By having your home business and promoting to your friends about Resort 360′s Vacation Club, you can receive a vacation free for the rest of your life. Resorts360 is one of the fastest growing Home Based Online Internet Businesses in the world today

What Ever Happened to My Favorite Little Boutique Resort?

We have all taken vacations and stayed at marvelous independently owned boutique resorts and bed and breakfasts. We marvel at their attention to detail, their value, their friendliness, and the hard work and long hours the owners put in to make us happy. Many of us have probably said because of a good experience, “I would love to open a bed and breakfast or small resort someday.”

This year more than ever, small independent resorts and B & B’s need your vacation dollars. Not only have they always had to compete against the large impersonal chain hotels and motels while having a fraction of their advertising and marketing budgets, but they have always had much higher operating expenses because of the great amenities they have for their guests compared to chains.

This is not the year to decide to cut back on vacationing at your favorite boutique resort or B & B as they may not be around next year.

We have all called to make reservations at a favorite place, only to sadly find out it went out of business and thought, “that was such a nice little resort, we have such wonderful memories there, I wonder why it went out of business.” They went out of business because people stayed at chain hotels on their vacations.

Many people don’t appreciate small businesses in America. It is like what happened with the “Wal-Marting” of America. Wal-Mart moved into small towns, people start shopping at them. All of a sudden their neighbors who owned small businesses went out of business. Downtowns declined, property values went down, Wal-Mart got rich and people said, “what happened to our town?” Every time they shopped at Wal-Mart, they were responsible for the decline in their own towns.

The same is true with small resorts. Everyone loves staying at them. But, this year, the year of the staycation may drive your favorite small resort out of business and you will have no one to blame but yourself. Small resorts need your help more than ever. They need for you to get relaxed and pampered at them. They need for you to forgo vacations overseas. Stay in the US and support fellow Americans with your vacation dollars.

And don’t just go on weekends. Everyone wants to go to a boutique resort on a weekend. For instance nice small resorts turn away hundreds of guests wanting to stay with them on Valentine’s Day because they are full. Go before Valentine’s Day. Go midweek. Go off season on vacation. That is how you will help small resorts and B & B’s.

This is the year to vacation at your favorite independent hotel. Vacation in the good old USA!

What is a Global Resorts Network Vacation Club Membership?

Vacation Club membership is the easiest way to buy luxury travel accommodation at massively discounted prices. Global Resorts Network is the marketing arm for one of the most well-established travel membership clubs available today. With its many years of experience, over 22 years, excellent reputation and high volume of holiday accommodation, members get some of the best deals around.

Vacation Club membership should not be in any way confused with Time Share Ownership. Travel club memberships costs very little to join in comparison, have no annual maintenance fees and you are under no obligation what so ever to book, buy or maintain any property at all.

With this luxury travel opportunity you can travel where you want, when you want. For example, a 2 bedroom suite in Freeport, Bahamas at the end of February costs vacation club members just $499. That price is per week, not per person. For a family of six, this is less than $85 per person for a weeks luxury holiday. Is that not worth thinking about? The Bahamas is a millionaires playground with beautiful beaches, bargain shopping and idyllic sunshine year-round. Holidays are available all over the world, in all the best luxury resorts with a vacation club membership. Barbados, Cayman Islands, Cancun and California, Florida, Europe are just a few of the destinations of luxury resorts available right now. Notice these offers are for popular resorts in peak season, not unknown destinations in low season months.

So how does a vacation club membership offer such great deals so consistently? Due to their large membership who share a common interest in luxury travel, the company is able to negotiate the best bulk-buying discounts possible. With a luxury travel club membership, members enjoy huge discounts on luxury accommodation, flights, car hire and more. It is the power of bulk-buying such deals that gives all its members great vacations at unbelievable prices at luxury resorts.

The low cost of vacation club membership will surprise you. The membership is a relatively low investment which can be recouped very quickly. Typical savings on a week vacation range from $800 to $1200. These low regular prices will save you hundreds of dollars per week on every beautiful luxury resort. However, last minute deals give even more savings. Specials are deals booked at short notice – within three months or less. These great value resorts are priced as low as $298. Remember that is the price per week, not per person! All sizes of units are available, from studios to 2 and 3 bed suites, they are all top quality, luxury resorts in the very best locations world-wide.

Buying a travel club membership makes good sense. Most households are members of retail warehouse clubs such as Sam’s Club and Costco. Members pay a fee to join, and the volume and bulk purchasing power of the Club allows members to benefit from cheap deals on food and clothing. Vacation Club membership is just the same idea – but for vacations. Membership costs surprisingly little, and you have so much to gain. Make your money work for you by investing in a vacation club membership.