Circus Circus – The Fifth Largest Holiday Resort and Casino in Las Vegas!

‘Visiting a circus as a child with your parents’ would be a wonderful memory for many. You might surely have had a great time staring at the hilariously dressed clowns and the weird faces they would make. Watching the perfectly toned females balancing themselves on a rope, tied on a height across two poles was astonishing back then. We could barely keep track of the number of bottles, the juggler managed to juggle at a time. The scary bike and car stunts were again fun to watch, but astounding. Back then in your childhood, even a one hour show at the circus made up for an entire package of joy. Do you wish to relive those lovely moments with your family? If yes, then visit Circus Circus, the fifth largest holiday resort cum casino cum circus cum amusement park in Las Vegas.

This resort looks vibrant throughout the year and offers live entertainment along with the tricky circus stunts. It is key a reason for more than 3.5 million tourists to pay a visit to Las Vegas every year. This place has a well designed center stage that becomes a platform to indulge in some aerial tricks for performers at Circus Circus. Every half hour, you can clearly listen to the excited hoots and groovy sounds of the surprised audiences, from the resort. The center stage is encircled by Midway on all sides, which is a huge fair filled with more than 200 arcade games that you can enjoy. The clowns wandering through the Midway make an amazing reason for you to be amused.

The holiday resort cum casino is built on 70 acres of land providing 3,800 rooms for visitor accommodations. These suites and rooms are modernized in a way that they offer complete comfort and a luxurious stay to the tourists. With eight award-winning restaurants as well as eateries and one bar, you get to enjoy a wide variety of food and drinks. They promise to take your taste buds for a mouthwatering indulgence. Another amenity that the resort is well known for is its casino. They tout to have four full-sized casinos, which are open 24 hours on all days. The 1,00,000 square feet of gaming zone comprises of multiple interesting table games, hot slots, a poker room, as well as techno-savvy Race and Sports Book. They proudly say, “We don’t clown around when it comes to gaming!”

Also, there is an indoor theme park named Adventure-dome in Circus Circus that comprises of approximately 20 rides, miniature golf and laser tag. This allegedly makes this place the world’s largest funhouse, where you can encounter all the thrill and adventure. In short, this fun-filled holiday destination is a treat to your whole family. It can be a perfect plan for your family vacations in Las Vegas.

At Circus Circus, you have an unbelievable blend of resort, circus, amusement park, casino, dining, along with a cozy accommodation, which talks for itself!

Honua Kai Resort – A Review of Honua Kai Resort and Spa

My family and I consider Maui to be a very special place in the world; a touchstone for us when times are hard or the weather is bad. We have been traveling to this beautiful Island for many years and have more or less settled on the Kaanapali area of West Maui to meet our vacation needs.

We have stayed at most of the brand name resorts on Kaanapali beach and have really enjoyed them – from the Marriott Maui Ocean club to the Hyatt to the Sheraton at Black rock. We felt that South Kaanapali Beach ( from the Hyatt at the southern point to the Sheraton to the North ) was really our comfort zone… but having come to Maui for almost 20 years, I felt it was time for a change.

After some extensive research we decided upon the Honua Kai Resort. The resort is located on North Kaanapali beach and was opened in 2009. The Canadian company Intrawest designed and developed the resort. The original sales opening was held back in 2005 and nearly 400 of the 720 total projected condos were sold in a single day. Of course, with the ensuing stock and real estate market collapses, many of the units fell out of escrow and in some cases the owners of the units sued the developer to get out from under their contracts.

So with a somewhat controversial beginning, the Honua Kai resort had some work to do to overcome the original upheavals.

I met one of the owners who was one of the first to close and occupy and he told me that in the beginning the resort was nearly deserted. He likened it to the infamous hotel setting in the movie “The Shining” – sans the ghosts and other paranormal activities.

Upon arriving at the Honua Kai resort we were greeted with a bustling, thriving resort community that seemed to place is main emphasis on the themes of land and sea (Honua Kai translates to earth and Ocean in Hawaiian) – with huge swaths of grass, dunes, open beaches, the vast Pacific and 38 acres of land – this was quite a beautiful and inviting place.

I did have some qualms with the property: it’s located across from a business center and sewage treatment center ( about 500 yards north of property across from road ) – although I never noticed any malodorous smells – just the idea of a stink factory coupled with the less-than-Hawaiian feel of the business center registered a few marks in the negative category for me.

Overall the resort was beautifully appointed, the accommodations were first class and the staff and amenities were excellent. Once inside the resort grounds you are transported away from everyday life, it’s relaxed and tropical setting contributing to a carefree and wonderful vacation escape.

I would highly recommend the resort for anyone new or returning to our beloved valley isle: Maui.

All Inclusive Island Resort – The Vacation of a Lifetime!

Are you looking for a way to travel to a tropical paradise and enjoy all the great benefits of being on an all inclusive island resort? Did you know that anybody that wants to can afford a vacation stay at a resort? These are some of the best places to stay and when you choose the right resort you can get everything for one great price. Here are some of the things you need to know about resort travel.

First, when it comes to staying in the Caribbean or anywhere that is tropical you should go with the all inclusive island resort type of vacation. This is the type of vacation that has you pay one price and never spend another dime the entire time you are on your trip. You get full bar service, your airfare, hotel stay, access to top restaurants, entertainment, golf, tennis, luxury spa treatment, and so much more. It all comes in the package for one price.

Second, when you are doing the all inclusive island resort vacation you can take the entire family, just yourself, or split the stay with another couple. This is a great way to travel and get to enjoy your vacation. There is something for everybody and many resorts includes activities for children that will allow you to enjoy the adult activities that you desire. The best part is how relaxing these types of vacations are.

Last, you should know that Sandals is the leader across the globe when it comes to resort travel. Sure there are other companies that you can choose that are great, but Sandals and Beaches has many resorts that are right on the coast in many tropical areas. They also have the best packages and can help anybody afford the vacation of their dreams.