Honua Kai Resort and Spa: Great Hawaiian Vacations

The Honua Kai Resort & Spa is a new luxury resort located on Ka’anapali’s North Beach. It is known for excellent employees and fine amenities. This Maui resort is sure to make visitors enjoy their Hawaiian vacation.

About Honua Kai Resort & Spa

You know you’ll have a good nights sleep, because every room at this resort is a suite. Studio suites are approximately 595 square feet and Specialty suites reach 2,650 sq. ft. with private bathrooms for each room.

Located on one of Maui’s finest beaches, Ka’anapali, and close to Honokowai Beach and the championship-caliber Kapalua and Ka’anapali golf courses, this resort is in a prime area for tourist activities. There is also a jogging trail and the limitless natural beauty of Maui awaiting nearby.


One of the most alluring aspects of taking a Hawaiian vacation at Honua Kai Resort & Spa is its spectacular Aquatic Playground. The Ohana pool is perfect for families, with a section reserved for soaking up the sun while watching the little kids play in shallow water. There is also an area where the more athletic individuals can swim laps.

If you want to take full advantage of all the advantages offered on Hawaiian vacations, go for a swim in the warm Pacific Ocean waters. The majestic blue waters look lovely complimenting pristine white sandy beaches. Most beach and pool items are available to rent or buy, from snorkel gear, boogie boards, and paddle boats to pool float toys and rafts.

When its time to unwind, check out the excellent spa providing massages, sauna, steam room, and facials. This is the best way to relax after a long day of… well… relaxing! Feel free to drop the kids off at the Family Fun Club where they will learn Hawaiian-themed activities such as flower lei making, hula dancing, scavenger hunts through nature, and Hawaiian storytelling. This service is available for an additional fee, but includes professional supervision, lunch, and peace of mind for mom and dad.

Dining Options

Food options at Honua Kai Resort & Spa are very generous and sure to satisfy. Duke’s Maui Beach House is available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a focus on Hawaiian cuisine, sustainable seafood and mouth-watering steaks. If you want to take advantage of the kitchen in your suite, go to ‘Aina Gourmet Market for groceries, or enjoy the coffee bar, prepared salads, pastries, hot Panini sandwiches and snacks. All food is found locally, within a 100-mile radius of the resort, so you know your food is fresh on this Hawaiian vacation.

Regardless of what you enjoy, Honua Kai Resort & Spa has great options for a Maui vacation sure to entertain all sorts of travelers.

Travel and Vacation Tips – Ideas for Traveling With Teens

Family vacations have always been important but when your kids were younger it was a lot easier to please them with a family vacation, a simple trip to the beach or a family camping trip was a piece of cake. However; now that they are teens camping is probably considered boring and dirty and simply not the “cool” thing to do.

But this does not mean family vacations are any less important than they were when they were smaller, in fact they are probably more important. After all, they’ll be graduating soon and going off on their own soon. So, what can you do to entertain a teen while on vacation? Here are some ideas that might be of help in planning for your family vacation.

Consider a family vacation to one of the many major amusement parks throughout the country. Disney World and the various different Six Flags across the country are always teen favorites and will give your teens hours of thrill rides and other attractions to keep them busy.

You can spend several days at any of these parks enjoying the rides, the entertainment, the variety of different foods to eat and there’s tons of places where they can get souvenirs of their trip. Plus these places don’t stop with just rides the kids will be able to get them game fix while on vacation as well. Many offer game arcades as well as the various other attractions.

If your vacation is during the winter months you might want to consider taking the kids to a ski resort, especially one that is family oriented and offers a vast variety of activities. Other than skiing your teens can do snowboarding or even ride a snowmobile for excitement. There are also classes they can take if they have never skied before and as parents you can enjoy the time a lone as they go off with the ski instructors.

Another fun vacation idea is to take your teens on a cruise ship. A lot of the cruise ships offer a variety of special things to do that are directed for teens like skating, ice skating, rock climbing, miniature golf, swimming, basketball and other activities that might interest teens of all ages.

Hollywood, California might also be a destination your teens might get a kick out of. Teens can never get enough info on movies, TV and superstar gossiping and this is the area to get all of that. One place they really might enjoy is Universal Studios in Hollywood. Although it is an amusement park it a lot more than that.

You might want to think of it as a movie and special effects Disneyland or Disney World. There are tours that show behind the scenes of movies and TV shows. There are a lot of cool replica sets both from old and new movies from the Bates Motel from the movie Psycho to a more recent movie such as War of the Worlds by Steven Spielberg.

If you can afford it, take a trip to London with your teens. With the way the technology is today, your teens have already taken virtual tours of the world, why not offer them the real deal. If you travel during the off season it should be cheaper. Once there, there are a ton of things to keep a teen interested, especially the Tower of London or the first Hard Rock Cafe to ever open, these are just a couple of things most teens would get a thrill out of seeing.

Tips For Writing a Ski Resort Review

If you have just returned from a great vacation at a ski resort, which might not be the best ski resort, but you had fun, you should write a review for that ski resort and pen down all your experiences, good or bad. Writing a ski resort review will help other people who want to plan a trip to ski. When they read your ski resort review, they will come to know what all to do when they reach the ski resort. Also, it will help increase future customers who based on your ski resort review will want to enjoy all the amenities and activities which you enjoyed. But while writing a ski resort review, you should take into account some points.

Note down the time of the year you visited the resort, its crucial.

If you want visited during a holiday, the resort might have been a little busy, and the customer service, amenities and waiting times might have been different than what they would have been had you visited during the quieter months, so, for a perfect review, it’s very important to mention the time of the year you visited the ski resort. You shall not miss small details while writing a ski resort review and try to share all the moments with the readers who will read it. You might also write a negative ski resort review if you had problems with the place or if the waiting time was more even if the visitors were less.

How was your actual skiing experience?

A person spending a fortune on a ski resort would definitely be interested in skiing, so this is one aspect you just can’t miss to add in your review. You should write about the slopes, the level of difficulty they offered, the kind of equipment, if the equipment was easily available at the resort itself, or you had to take yours along or rent it from a local vendor. The whole experience about how you felt while skiing needs to be penned down very carefully, therefore the most important thing while writing a ski resort review is the type of equipment and its availability. If you were no able to ski due to the faulty equipment then you should tell others about the possible problems they are bound to face.

About other amenities.

You should tell others about the crucial aspects of the resort. People reading your ski resort review should know if they have to come prepared for any circumstances such as bad quality food, or too much time wasted in a particular activity, try and add aspects like the educational relevance of the trip.

If you liked something, like an additional amenity, the quality of service, the kind of equipment, the dining area, children’s recreational area or maybe the general ambience of the whole place, you should speak out.

Finally, the Ski resort review should contain the website and other official information regarding the resort.Remember, the ski resort review is not only your experience, but also a great vacation for a future traveler.